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HAYTI, 1864. 415 exportation of any article to the United States, than such as are or shall be payable on the exportation of the like article to any foreign country. No prohibition shall be imposed on the importation of any article Equg]igy of pm. the growth, produce, or manufacture of the United States or their iish- hibitions. eries, or of Hayti and her fisheries, from or to the ports of the United States or Hayti, which shall not equally extend to- any other foreign country. Amuonn XIV. It is hereby agreed that if either of the high contracting parties Dildfimlhltill should hereafter impose discriminating duties upon the products of any d“*i°¤· other nation, the other party shall be at liberty to determine the origin of its own products intended to enter the country by which the discriminating duties are imposed. ` Anrrorm XV. Whenever the citizens of either of the contracting parties shall be Rights etnsylum forced to seek refuge or asylum in the rivers, ports, or dominions of the ¤¤d *****66- other with their vessels, whether merchant or war, through stress of weather, pursuit of pirates or enemies, or want of provisions or water, they shall be received and treated with humanity, giving to them all favor and protection for repairing their vessels, and placing themselves in a gontdition to continue their voyage without obstacle or hindrance of any in . And the provisions of this article shall apply to privateers or private vessels of war, as well as public, until the two high contracting parties may relinquish that mode of warfare, in consideration of the general relinquishment of the right of capture of private property upon the high seas. Amrrcnn XVI. When any vessel of either party shall be wrecked, stranded, or other- wrecked an u wise damaged on the coasts or within the jurisdiction of the other, their dnmsgcd v¤¤¤¤|¤- respective citizens shall receive, as well for themselves as for their vessels and. efects, the same assistance which would be due to the inhabitants of the country where the accident happened; and they shall be liable to pay the same charges and dues of salvage as the said inhabitants would be liable to pay in like OSSGI. If the repairs which a stranded vessel may require shall render it Repairs or vunecessary that the whole or any part of her cargo should be unloaded, •¢|•· no duties of custom, charges, or fees on such cargo as may be carried away shall be paid, except such as are payable in like cases by national vessels. Amuonn XVII. It shall be lawful for the citizens of either Republic to sail with their Neutral trade.

hips and merchandise (contraband goods excepted) with all manner of

liberty and security, no distinction being made who are the proprietors of the merchandise laden thereon, from any port to the places of those who now are, or hereafter shall be, at enmity with either of the contracting parties. _ _ It shall likewise be lawful for the citizens aforesaid to sail with their ships and merchandises before mentioned, and to trade with the same liberty and security, not only from ports and places of those who are enemies of both or either party, to ports of the other, and to neutral places, but also from one place belonging to an enemy another place belonging to an enemy, whether they be under the jurisdiction of one or several Powers, unless such ports or places are blockaded, besieged, or invested.