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430 PUBLIC TREATIES. Anricrn XIII. ·p.,m,;,,,,t.i0¤ .,5 In order that the two high contracting parties may have the oppor- Artielee IV, V, and tunity of hereafter treating and agreeing upon such other arrangements VI- as may tend still further to the improvement of their mutual intercourse, and to the advancement of the interests of their respective citizens, it is agreed that, at any time after the expiration of seven years from the date of exchange of the ratiflcations of the present treaty, either of the high contracting parties shall have the right of giving to the other party notice of its intention to terminate Articles IV, V, and VI of the present treaty; and that at the expiration of twelve months after such notice shall have been received by either party from the other, the said articles, and all the, stipulations contained therein, shall cease to be binding on the two high contracting parties. Anmonn XIV. H,,,,,;,,,,, {nts,. Inasmuch as a contract was entered into by the Government of oceanic Railway Honduras and a company entitled the “Honduras Inter-oceanic Rail· 0¤r¤p¤¤y· way Compauy,” for the construction of a railway from the Atlantic to the Pacino Oceans, through the territories of Honduras, which_contract was ratified by the constitutional powers of the State, and proclaimed as a law on the 28th April, 1854; and inasmuch, by the terms of article 5, section VI, of said contract.- “ the Government of Honduras with the view to secure the route herein contemplated from all interruption and disturbance from any cause, or under any circumstances, engages to open negotiations with the various Governments with which it may have relations for their separate recognition of the perpetual neutrality, and for the protection of the aforesaid route ;" therefore, to carry out the obligations thus incurred: Right of way to 1. The Government of Honduras agrees that the right of way or or United States- transit over such route or road, or any other that may be constructed within its territories, from sea to sea, shall be at all times open and free to the Government and citizens of the United States for all lawful purposes Free transit or whatever. No tolls, duties, or charges of any kind shall be imposed by public prenerty- the Government of Honduras on the transit of property belonging to the Government of the United States, or on the public mails sent under Duties on mer- authority of the same, nor on the citizens of the United States. And clmndise. all lawful produce, manufactures, merchandise, or other property belonging to the citizens of the United States, passing ii-om one ocean to the other, in either direction, shall be subject to no import or export du— ties whatever, nor to any discriminating tolls or charges for conveyance or transit, on any such route or road as aforesaid, and shall be secure and protected from all interruption or detention on the part of the State. Eyteneien ¤f The Republic of Honduras further agrees that any other privilege or P““'°€°'· advantage, commercial or other, which is or may be granted to the subjects or citizens of any other country, in regard to such route or road as aforesaid, shall also, and at the same time, be extended to citizens of the United States; and finally, as an evidence of its disposition to accord to the travel and commerce of the world all the advantages resulting from its position in respect to the two great oceans, Hon uras, of her Free ports. ‘ own good will, engage to establish the ports at the extremities of the ` zzonéemplated road, as free ports, for all the purposes of commerce and ra e. nights ma my- 2. In consideration of these concessions, in order to secure the con- 3¤‘¢·s¤*=¥ of gait- struction and permanence of the route or road herein contemplated, and ""' '°°°g° ‘ also to secure, for the benefit of mankind, the uninterrupted GGVBDWZBS of such communication from sea to sea, the United States recognizes the rights of sovereignty and property of Honduras in and over the line of said road, and for the same reason guarantees, positively and efficacionsly, the entire neutrality of the same, so long as the United States shall enjoy the privileges conceded to it in the preceding section of tlus