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HONDURAS, 186-1. 431 article. And when the proposed road shall have been completed, the Guarantee of the United States equally engages, in conjunction with Honduras, to pro- U“*”°d S*“"’“· tect the same from interruption, seizure, or unjust confiscation, from whatsoever quarter the attempt may proceed. 3. Nevertheless, the United States, in according its protection to the w,,,,,, ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, said route or road, and guaranteeing its neutrality when completed, meybewlahdmwu. always understand that this protection and guarantee are granted conditionally, and may be withdrawn if the United States should deem that the persons or company undertaking or managing the same adopt or establish such regulations concerning the trailic thereupon as are contrary to the spirit and intention of this article, either by making unfair discriminations in favor of the commerce of any nation or nations over the commerce of any other nation or nations, or by imposing oppressive exactions or unreasonable tolls upon passengers, vessels, goods, wares, merchandise, or other articles. The aforesaid protection and guarantee shall not, however, be withdrawn by the United States without first giving six months’ notice to the Republic of Honduras Anrrcmu XV. The present treaty shall be ratified, and the ratitlcatious shall be Ratincatme. exchanged at Comayagua within the space of one year, or sooner if ible. wg witness whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the Signatures. same, and have aiiixed thereto their respective seals. Done at Gomayagua this fourth day of July, in the year of our Lord Dm, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four. THOS. H. CLAY. [L. s.] M. OOLINDRES. L. s.