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JAPAN, 1858. 449 Ammonia IV. Americans committing offences in Japan shall be tried by the Ameri- Jurisdiction or can Consul General or Consul, and shall be punished according to °m’“°°°· American laws. _ ` Japanese committing offences against Americans shall be tried by the Japanese authorities, and punished according to Japanese laws. ARTICLE V. American ships which may resort to the ports of Simoda, Hakodade, Medium of °¤· or Nangasaki, for the purpose of obtaining necessary supplies, or to "h““g°·&°· repair damages, shall pay for them in gold or silver coin; and if they have no money, goods shall be taken in exchange. ARTICLE VI. The government of Japan admits the right of His Excellency the Rights ofconsul Consul General of the United States to go beyond the limits of Seven Ge¤smI,&¤. Ri, but has asked him to delay the use of that ri ght, except in cases of emergency, shipwreck, &c., to which he has assented. Aacrronn VII. Purchases for His Excellency the Consul General, or his family, may Purchases fur be made by him only, or by some member of his family, and payment C°“"“1G°"°"“l· made to the seller for the same, without the intervention of any Japancse official; and for this purpose Japanese silver and copper coin shall be supplied to His Excellency the Consul General. ARTICLE VIII. As His Excellency the Consul General of the United States of America Dumb version of has no knowledge of the Japanese language, nor their Excellencies the *****5* Governors of Simoda a knowledge of the English language, it is agreed that the true meaning shall be found in the Dutch version of the articles. ARTICLE IX. All the foregoing articles shall go into effect from the date hereof, Treaty when w except article two, which shall go intoeifect on the date indicated in it. **k° °*Y°°*· Done in quintuplicate, (each copy being in English, Japanese, and Dutch,) at the Goyosso of Simoda, on the seventeenth day of June, in Date. the year of the Christian era eighteen hundred fifty-seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the eighty-first, corresponding to_the fourth Japanese year of Ansei, Mi, the fifth month, the S, t twentysixth day, the English version being signed by His Excellency 'g““ ‘“`°°‘ the Consul General of the United States of America, and the Japanese version by their Excellenoies the Governors of Simoda. TOWNSEND HARRIS. ·[1.. s.] JAPAN, 1858. TREATY OF AMITY AND COMMERCE, BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF July 29, 1858. AMERICA AND THE EMPIRE OF JAPAN, CONCLUDED AT YED0 JULY 29, -—;-———— 1858; RATIFICATICN ADVISED BY SENATE DECEMBER 15, 1858; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT APRIL I2, 1860; RATIFICATIONS EXCHANGED AT WASH- INGTON MAY 22, 1860; PROCLAIMED MAY 23, 1860. The.President of the United States of America and His Majestythe _C¤ntm<=¤i¤z par- Ty·coon of Japan, desiring to establish on firm and lasting foundations *‘°'· the relations of peace and friendship now happily existing between the R s 1v12Q