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MECKLENBURG-SCHWERlN, 1847. 47] Then- personal representatives, being citizens or subjects of the other S ¤ M <>¤¤i<>¤ W ecntractin g party, shall succeed to their said personal property, whether P°”°“‘“ P'°P""‘Y· by testament or ab intestato. They may take possession thereof, either by themselves or by others acting for them, at their will, and dispose of the same, paying such duty only as the inhabitants of the country wherein the said personal property is situated shall be subject to pay in like cases. In case of the absence of the personal representatives, the Property of absame care shall be taken of the said property as would be taken of a °`*°“* Ml"- property of a native in like case, until the lawful owner may take meas ures for receiving it. If any question should arise among several claimants to which of them the said property belongs, the same shall be finally decided by the laws and judges of the country wherein it is situated. Where, on the decease of any person holding real estate within the Heirs of real esterritories of one party, such real estate would, by the laws of the land, imdescend on a citizen or subject of the other, were he not disqualified by alienage, such citizen or subject shall be allowed a reasonable time to sell the same, and to withdraw the proceeds without molestation, and exempt from all duties of detraction on the part of the Government of the respective States. The capitals and edects which the citizens or subjects of the re- No duties of uespective parties, in chan ging their residence, shall be desirous of ¤=~¤¤i¤¤, &<>· removing from the place of their domicil, shall likewise be exempt from all duties of detraction or emigration on the part of their respective Governments. ` Anrrcrn XI. The present treaty shall continue in force until the tenth of June, D¤1‘{•*¤i<>¤ of one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight, and further until the end “`°“‘Y· of twelve months after the Government of Mecklenburg-Schwerin on the one part, or that of the United States on the other part, shall have given notice of its intention of terminating the same, but upon the condition hereby expressly stipulated and agreed, that if the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin shall deem it expedient, or iind it compulsory, during the said term, to levy a duty on paddy, or rice in the husk, or Increase of ceraugment the duties upon leaves, strips, or stems of tobacco, on whale- min d¤¢i¤¤- oil and rice, mentioned in Article VIII (eight) of the present treaty, [$66 A¢ti<=l° the Government of Mecklenburg-Schwerin shall give notice of one year VUL] to the Government of the United States before proceeding to do so; and, at the expiration of that year, or any time subsequently, the Government of the United States shall have full power and right to abrogate the present treaty, by giving a previous notice of six months to the Government of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, or to continue it (at its option) in full force, until the operation thereof shall have been arrested in the manner iirst specified in the present article. Now, therefore, the undersigned, L. de Lutzow, President of the Privy Council and First Minister of His Royal Highness, on the part of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, and A. Dudley Mann, Special Agent, on the part of the United States, invested with full powers to this eifect, found in good and due form, have this day signed in triplicate, and have exchanged this declaration. The effect of this agreement is hereby declared to be to establish the aforesaid treaty between the high parties to this declaration as fnlly and perfectly, to all intents and purposes, as if all the provisions therein contained, in the manner as they are above explicitly stated, had been agreed to in a separate treaty, concluded and ratified between them in the ordinary form. _ Tn witness whereof the above-named Plenipotentiaries have hereto S¤s¤¤*>¤*¤¤· aihxed their names and seals. Done at Schweriu this 9th (ninth) day of December, 1847. Date. A. DUDLEY MANN. [1..s.j L. or LUTZOW. [L. s.