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MOROCCO, 1787. 517 Anmromn I. We declare that both parties have agreed that this treaty, consisting Mntnnl consent of twentyhve articles, shall be inserted in this book, and delivered to *° *1*** *'°°'*¥- the Honorable Thomas Barclay, the agent of the United States, now at our court, with whose approbation it has been made, and who is- duly authorized on their part to treat with ns concerning all the matters contained therein. Anrronn II. If either of the parties shall be at war with any nation whatever, C°’¤'¤i°°*°¤¤ the other party shall not take a commission from the enemy, nor iight {wm ““ °“°"°y‘ under their colors. Anrrons III. If either of the parties shall be at war with any nation whatever, and B¤l¤¤¤¤ °f 1**** take a prize belonging to that nation, and there shall be found onboard ‘;3f;d°fn§g°£,”B;“?g subjects or efects belonging to either of the parties, the subjects shall v.,,,,,,,1_ y be set at liberty, and the eifects returned to the owners. And if any goods belonging to any nation, with whom either of the parties shall be at war, shall be loaded on vessels belonging to the other party, they shall pass free and unmolested, without any attempt being made to take or detain them. Ancrronn IV. A signal or pass shall be given to all vessels belonging to both parties, V¢>¤s¤|¤ *0 lnws by which they are to be known when they meet at sea; and if the com- P““P°'°'· mander of a ship of war of either party shall have other ships under his convoy, the declaration of the commander shall alone be sufficient to exempt any of them from examination. Anrronn V. If either of the parties shall be at war, and shall meet a vessel at sea Examination of belonging to the other, it is agreed, that if an examination is to be made, vessels. it shall be done by sending a boat with two or three men only; and if any gun shall be tired, and injury done without reason, the offending party hall make good all damages. Aarromu VI. If any Moor shall bring citizens of the United States, or their effects, American citizens to His Majesty, the citizens shall immediately be set at liberty, and the ¤·¤d <‘>il’<><=*¤ in M eifects restored; and in like manner, if any Moor, not a subject of these "°°°°“’d‘ dominions, shall make prize of any of the citizens of America, or their eifects, and bring them into any of the ports of His Majesty, they shall be immediately released, as they will then be considered as under His Majesty’s protection. ARTICLE VII. If any vessel of either party shall put into a port of the other, and Vessels wanting have occasion for provisions or other supplies, they shall be furnished °“PPl'°°· without any interruption or molestation. ARTICLE VIII. If any vessel of the United States shall meet with a disaster at sea _ Vtf¤¤¤¤l¤ rnftlnz and put into one of our ports to repair, she shall be at liberty to land, “‘ °*` ’°P““`“· and re-load her cargo, without paying any duty whatever.