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MOROCCO, 1836. 521 Now, know ye, that we, the said John Adams and Thomas Je&`erson, Ap p roval of Ministers Pleuxpotentiary aforesaid, do approve and conclude the said *“’°“Y· treaty, and every article and clause therein contained, reserving the Finslratiiicution same nevertheless to the United States in Congress assembled, for their ’°“"°d *° Uumd final ratification. Stems- In testimony whereof, we have signed the same with our names and seals, at the places of our respective residence, an d at the dates expressed under our signatures respectively. JOHN ADAMS, [L. s.] London, January 25th, 1787. THOM. JEFFERSON, .[L. s.] Paris, January lst, 1787. MOROCCO, 1836. TREATY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF Sgph 16 ]_836_ AMERICA AND HIS MAJESTY THE EMPEROR OF MOROCCO, CONCLUDED —ii-1 SEPTEMBER 16, 1836; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE JANUARY 17, 1837; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT J AN UARY ss, 1837 ; PROCLAIMED JANUARY 30, 1837. In the name of God, the Merciful and Clement! Q Abd gl Errahman lg ge Ibenn Kesham, _,, §` whom God I *" Q exalt! Pause BE ro Gon! This is the copy of the treaty of peace which we have made with the Americans, and written in this book; adixing thereto our blessed seal, that, with the help of God, it may remain firm forever. Written at Meccanez, the City of Olives, on the 3d day of the month Jumad el lahhar, in the year of the Hegira 1252. (Corresponding to September 16, A. D. 1836.) Anrrcma I. We declare that both parties have agreed that this treaty, consisting Mutual consent of twenty-five articles, shall be inserted in this book, and delivered to *·° *7*** **`°*W- James R. Leib, Agent of the United States, and now their resident Consul at Tangier, with whose approbation it has been made, and who is duly authorized on their part to treat with us concerning all the matters contained therein. Anuonn II. If either of the parties shall be at war with any nation whatever, the Commiss i c n ¤ other shall not take a commission from the enemy, nor tight under their from an enemy. colors. A.m·1cLE III. If either of the parties shall be at war with any nation whatever, and UR ele ase of IM- take a prize belonging to that nation, and there shall be found on board :g'£d°{u§‘;°gsB;°H; subjects or effects belonging to either of the parties, the subjects shall ,,0mL Y beset at liberty, and the eifects returned to the owners. And if any goods belonging to any nation, with whom either of the parties shall be at war, shall be loaded on vessels belonging to the other party, they shall pass free and unmolested, without any attempt being made to take or detain them.