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MOROCCO, 1865. 527 nal, the preservation of this establishment, as well as for the safetv of the keepers and persons employed. On the other part, the contractine Powers bind themselves, each so far as concerned, to respect the noi; trality of the light-house, and to continue the payment of the contribution intended to uphold it, even in case (which God forbid) hostilities should break out either between them or between one of them and the Empire of Morocco. Anrrcnn IV. The representatives of the contracting Powers, charged in virtue of $9P¤Pi¤¢¤¤d¤¤¤¤ Article I of the present convention, with the superior direction and "f "gh*‘h°““°· management of the light-house, shall establish the necessary regulations for the service and superintendence of this establishment, and no modiiication shall be afterward applied to these articles, except by common agreement between the contracting Powers. Anrronn V. The present convention shall continue in force for ten years. In case, Duration ofcouwithin six months of the expiration of this term, none of the high con- "¤*l°¤· tracting parties should, by oihcial declaration, have made known its purpose to bringto a close, so far as may concern it, the effects of this convention, it shall continue in force for one year more, and so from year to year, until due notice. Anrxcnn VI. The execution of the reciprocal- engagements contained in the present E xeeution or convention is subordinated, so far as needful, to the accomplishment of ¤tip¤1¤ti¤¤¤· the forms and regulations established by the constitutional laws of those of the high contracting Powers who are held to ask for their application thereto, which they bind themselves to do with the least possible delay. Aacrrcnn VII. The present convention shall be ratified, and the ratiiications be ex- Ratmmions. changed at Tangier as soon as can be done. Iu faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed and Signatures. amxed thereto the seals of their arms. _ Done in duplicate original, in French and in Arabic, at Tangier, pro- D,,,.,, tected of God, the fifth day of the moon of Moharrem, year of the Hegirn. 1282, which corresponds with the 31st of the month of May of the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-hve. JESSE H. McMATH. L. s.] J. H. DRUMMOND HAY. L. s.] ERNEST DALUIN. · L. s. FRANCISCO MERRY Y COLOM. L. s. AYME D’AQUIN. [L. s. J. H. DRUMMOND HAY. [L. s. ALEX’RE VERDINOIS. [L. s. J. H. DRUMMOND HAY. [L. s. Josn DANIEL COLACO. [L. s. S. UEHRENHUFF. _ _ [L. sx.} [Signature of Sid Mohammed Bargash, in Arabic.] [L. s.