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MUSOAT, 1833. 529 Anrrom V. If any vessel of the United States shall suffer shipwreck on an ‘ , , · _ y rt Ass st e t of the Sultan’s domnnons, the persons escaping from the wreck shaiiabe °"'{’W’;°k°?*n§' ***:3 taken care of and hospitably entertained, at the expense of the Sultan, §€m;s°f U ” ‘ ° °‘1 until they shall tind an opportumty to be returned to their country, (for ` the Sultan can never receive any remuneration whatever for rendering sncconr to the distressed;) and the property saved from such wreck shall be carefully preserved and delivered to the owner, or the Consul of the United States, or to any authorized agent. Asrromt VI. The citizens of the United States resorting to the ports of the Sultan &¤¤¤¤‘i¤¤¤ mvfor the purpose of trade shall have leave to land and reside in the said mf ”°* "° b° ports without paying any tax or imposition whatever for such liberty ' other than the general duties on nnports which the most favoured nation shall pay. Ancrrcms VII. If any citizens of the United States, or their vessels or other prop- Citizens of Uniterty, shall be taken by pirates and brought within the dominious of the °*! S*¤*°¤ *>¤k¤¤ b! Sultan, the persons shall be set at liberty, and the property restored to t° "° °°° “° the owner, 1f he is present, or to the American Consul, or to any author- y` ized agent. Anrronm VIII. Vessels belonging to the subjects of the Sultan which may resort to Dum, ,,,,,.,,;,1,, any port in the United States shall pay no other or higher rate of duties by vessels, sw., or or other charges than the nation the most favoured shall pay. ggimgégt h •> Anrronn IX. The President of the United States may appoint Consuls to reside in C AP!>¤i¤t¤¤¤¤P ¤f the ports of the Sultan where the principal commerce shall be carried Sfftzgh °f U“‘°°d on, which Consuls shall be the exclusive judges of all disputes or suits_ wherein American citizens shall be engaged with each other. They shall mE;’;:i‘;;“ ‘““1 ““` have power to receive the property of any American citizen dying within ' the kingdom, and to send the same to his heirs, first paying all his debts due to the subjects of the Sultan. The said Consuls shall not be arrested, nor shall their property be seized, nor shall any of their household be arrested, but their persons and property and their houses shall be inviolate. Should any Consul, however, commit any offenee against the laws of the kingdom, complaint shall be made to the President, who will immediately displace him. _ Concluded, signed, and sealed at the Royal Palace, in the city of S*E“°*'“°· Muscat, in the Kingdom of Aman, the twenty-tirst day of September, Date. in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three of the Christian era, and the fifty-seventh year of the Independence of the United States of America, corresponding to the sixth day of the moon, called Lamada Alawel, in the year of the Allhajra (Hegira) one thousand two hundred and forty-nine. EDMUND ROBERTS. [L. s.] Whereas the undersigned, Edmund Roberts, a citizen of the United E£¤Ftig¢E¤{¤)¤n:*' States of America, and a resident of Portsmouth, ID the State of New “’“" ° ° · Hampshire, being duly appointed a Special Agent by letters-patent, under the signature of the President and seal of the United States of America, bearing date, at the city of Washington, the twenty-sixth day of January, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, n s 1V———34