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NETHERLANDS, 1782. 541 ered in good and due form, on_one side and on the other, in the space gfgmgtmgnths, or sooner if possible, to be computed from the day of the In faith of which We the Deputies and Plt t'f th -n the States General,of_ the United Netlnerlandstuahdrlhbrlifliigstere Plggié Slgu mm. potbgntigry. of ghic lUn1ted States of America, in virtue of our respective au ori IOS an u powers hav s' d th t . ummm the ems of our MILS. e ignc e presen treaty, and opposed _ Done at the Hague the eight of October, one thousand seven hundred Date. eighty-two. JOHN ADAMS. L. s. GEORGE VAN RANDWYOK. L. s. B. V. D. SANTHEUVEL. L. s. P. V. BLEISWYK, [L. s.] W. O. H. VAN LYNDEN. L. s. D. J. VAN HEECKEREN. [L. s. -JOAN VAN KUFFELER. [L. s. F: G-: VAN DEDEM, tot den Gelder. L. . H: TJASSENS. L. s. NETHERLANDS, 1782. CONVENTION WITH THE NETHERLANDS RELATIVE T0 RECAPTURED O°t’°b°" 8- 1782* VESSELS, CONCLUDED AT THE HAGUE OCTOBER 8, 1782; RATIFIED BY W CONGRESS JANUARY 23, 1783. Convention between the Lords the States General of the United Netherlands and the United States of America, concerning oessella recaptured. The Lords the States General or the United Netherlands, and the P'°"“bl°· United States of America, being inclined to establish some uniform principles with relation to prizes made by vessells of war, and commissioned by the two contracting Powers, upon their common enemies, and to vessells of the subjects of either party, captured by the enemy, and recaptnred_ by vessells of war commissioned by either party, have agreed upon the following articles : Amxcrn I. The vessells of either of the two nations recaptured by the priva- fg5F5g22S teers of the other, shall be restored to the first proprietor, if such vessells ' have not been four and twenty hours in the power of the enemy, provided the owner of the vessel! recaptured, pay therefor one—third of the value of the vessel], as also of that of the cargo, the cannons and apparel, which third shall be valued by agreement, between the parties interested · or, if they cannot agree thereon among themselves, they shall address themselves to the ofjcers of the admiralty, of the place where the privateer who has retaken the vessell shall have conducted her.


If the vessell recaptured has been more than twenty-four hours in b;Z;¤°¤t;h*H]:h:;} the power of the enemy, she shall belong entirely to the privateer who c&pt0§ has retaken her. , Anrronn III. In case a vessel] shall have been recaptured by a vessell of war be- B¤s¤D*t{¤¤¤¢t_ \> Y longing to the States General of the United N etherlands, or to the ""° “ ° '"' ‘ United States of America, she shall be restored to the nrst owner, he paying a thirtieth part of the value of the ship, her cargo, cannons and apparel, if she has been recaptured in the interval of twenty-tbur hours, and the tenth part if she has been recaptured after the twenty-four hours; which sums shall be distributed in form of gratincations to the crews of the vessells which shall have retaken her. The valuation