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NEW GRANADA, 1850. 561 1. They may apply directly to the authorities of the district in which Complui ¤ ts of they reside, and they may, in case of necessity, have recourse to the Na- *'°“'°5’ l°f'“°'°l°°°· tional Government through the diplomatic agent of their nation, if there be any, or directly, if there he no such agent, in complaint against any infraction of the treaties of commerce committed by the authorities or persons employed by them in the country, to the injury of the commerce of the nation in whose service the Consul is engaged. 2. They may apply to the authorities of the consular district, and, in Protection otoit case of necessity, they may have recourse to the National Government *”°¤°· through the diplomatic agent of their nation, if there be any, or directly, if there be no such agent, against any abuse on the part of the authorities of the country, or the persons employed by them, against individuals of their nation in whose service the Consul is engaged; and they may, when necessary, take such measures as may be proper to prevent justice from being denied to them, or delayed, and to prevent them from being judged or punished by any other than competentjudges, and agreeably to the laws in force. 3. They may, as the natural defenders of their fellow-countrymen, ap- Defeuw of citipear in their name and behalf, whenever so requested by them, before “““· the respective authorities of the place, in all cases in which their support may be necessary. 4. They may accompany the captains, mates, or masters of vessels of M¤¤if¤¤¤¤. Gwtheir nation in all that they may have to do with regard to the manifests of their merchandise and other documents, and be present in all cases in which the authorities, courts, or judges of the country may have to take any declarations from the persons above mentioned, or any other belonging to their respective crews. 5. They may receive depositions, protests, and statements from cap- Protests, aw. tains, mates, and masters of vessels of their nation respecting losses and injuries sustained at sea, and protests of any individuals of their nation respecting mercantile aiiairs. These documents, drawn up in authentic copies, certiiied by the Consul, shall be admitted in the courts and oillces of justice, and shall have the same validity as if they had been authenticated before the same judges or courts. ‘ _ 0. They may determine on all matters relating to injuries sustained at I¤i¤1¤i¤¤ W ¤¤>¤- sea by elfects and merchandise shipped in vessels of the nation in whose °h““d’“° “° “"“· service the Consul is employed arriving at the place of his residence, provided that there be no stipulations to the contrary between the shippers, owners, and insurers. But if, among- the persons interested in such losses and injuries, there should be inhabitants of the country where the Consul resides, and not belonging to the nation in whose service he is, the cognizance of such losses and injuries appertains to the local authorities. 7. They may compromise amicably, and out of court, the differences _Compi-omiso of arising between their fellow-countrymen, provided that those persons ggggfnm °“" "*` agree voluntarily to submit to snch arbitration; in which case the document containing the decision of the Consul, authenticated by himself and by his chancellor or secretary, shall have all the force of a notarial copy authenticated, so as to render it obligatory on the interested parties. 8. They may cause proper order to be maintained on board of vessels Disputeslietweeu of their nation, and may decide on the disputes arising between the cap- °m°°¤‘¤ Md °*‘°“'· tains, the officers, and the members of the crew, unless the disorders taking place on board should disturb the public tranquillity, or persons not belonging to the crew or to the nation in whose service the Consul is employed; in which case the local authorities may interferes _ 9. They may direct all the operations for saving vessels of their nation dl;Vf¤¤k¤<l V ¤ ¤ · which may be wrecked on the coasts of the district where the Consulresides. In such cases the local authorities shall interfere only in order to maintain tranquillity, to give security to the interests of the parties concerned, and to cause the dispositions which should be observed for the entry and export of the property to be fulfilled. In the absence of the Consul, and until his arrival, the said authorities shall take all the 1a s