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NEW GRANADA, 1857. 565 every separate claim. Each Government shall furnish, upon request of either of the commissioners, such papers in its possession as the commissioners may deem important to the just determination of any claims presented to them. In cases where they agree to award an indemnity they shall determine the amount to be paid, having due regard, iii claims which have grown ont of the riot at Panama of April 15, 1856, to damages snfered through death, wounds, robberies, or destruction of property. In cases where they cannot agree, the subjects of difference shall be referred to the umpire, before whom each of the commissioners may be heard, and whose decision shall be final. Aaricrm III. The commissioners shall issue certificates of the sums to be paid by C crt ilicates of virtue of their awards to the claimants, and the aggregate amount of ‘“'“'d· said sums shall he paid to the Government of the United States, at Washington, in equal semi-annual payments, the first payment to be made six months from the termination of the commission, and the whole payment to be completed within eight years from the same date; and each of said sums shall bear interest (also payable semi-annually) at the rate of six per cent. per annum from the day on which the awards, respectively, shall have been decreed. To meet these payments, the Govern ment of New Granada hereby specially appropriates one-half of the compensation which may accrue to it from the Panama Railroad Company, in lieu of post ages, by virtue of the thirtieth article of the contract between the Republic of New Granada and said company, made April 15, 1850, and approved June 4, 1850, and also one-half of the dividends which it may receive from the net profits of said road, as provided in the fifty-fifth article of the same contract; but if these funds should prove insntilcient to make the payments as above stipulated, New Granada will provide other means for that purpose. Aarrenn IV. The commission herein provided shall terminate its labors in nine P*!¤*i°¤°Y°°¤· months from and including the day of its organization; shall keep an m}*;‘;‘;· Amen) I accurate record of ntsproceednngs, and may appoint a secretary to assist nnnvnnnnn Mlm; in the transaction of its business. p. iss.] Aarrcm V. The proceedings of this commission shall be final and conclusive with Proceedings mm. respect to all the claims before it, and its awards shall be a full discharge to New Granada of all claims of citizens of the United States against that Republic which may have accrued prior to the signature of this convention. Anrrcnn VI. Each Government shall pay its own commissioner, but the umpire, as Expenses. well as the incidental expenses of the commission, shall be paid, onehalf by the United States, and the other half by New Granada. Anrxcns VII. The present convention shall be ratified, and the ratifications ex- Ratincations. changed in Washington. _ _ _ _ _ I11 faith whereof, we, the respective Plempotentiaries, have signed S¤z¤¤·t¤¤‘¤¤- this convention, and have hereunto affixed our seals. _ Done at Washington, this tenth day of September, in the year of our Date. Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven. [sean. LEW. CASS. [smsni P. A. HERRAN.