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56 PUBLIC TREATIES. . · nited States Henry Shelton Sanford, a citizen N°g°mt°r°' O,-gl]; ggigégegfazzé 1}%,-gr hfinigfaf Resident HGH? His M}*.l€S*5` t**° $***3 of the Belgians; His Majesty the King of the Belgians, the Sieur Charles Rogier, Grand Officer of the Order ot Leopold, decorated Ertl; the Iron Cross, Grand Cross of the Qrder of the Ernestine Brant oy Saxony, of the Polar Star of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus, of Cnr Lady of the Conception of Villa-Vicosa, of the Legion of Honour, of the White Eagle, &c., a member of the Chamber of Representatives, his Minister ,` ifairs: 0fVE\i(iid;€1lfté· having communicated to each other their full powers, found to be in good and proper form, have agreed upon the following articles: Anricu: I. Tonnage dues, From and after the day when the capitalization of the duties levied pi1¤¤•ge,&c· nnon navigation in the Scheldt shall have been secured by a general [See Article III, arrangement- _ met! °f -l¤*Y 20» lst. The tonnage dues levied in Belgian ports shall cease ;_

  • B63·P·“·] 2d. Fees for pilotage in Belgian ports and in the Scheldt, in so far as

it depends on Belgium, shall be reduced twenty percentum for sailing vessels, twenty-tive per centum for vessels in tow, thirty per centum tor steam vessels · 3d. Port dries and other charges levied by the city of Antwerp shall be throughout reduced. Aarronn II. Salt. In derogation to the ninth article of the treaty of the seventeenth of [See Article IX. July, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, the flag of the United States g€,°*;"Y °f *85** P· shall be assimilated to that of Belgium for the transportation of salt. Arvrrcrn 1II. Import dimes- The taritf of import duties resulting from the treaty of the first of May, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, between Belgium and France, is extended to goods imported from the United States, on the same conditions with which it was extended to Great Britain by the treaty of the twenty-third of July, eighteen hundred and sixty-two. The reduction made by the treaties entered into by Belgium with Switzerland on the eleventh of December, eighteen hundred and sixty- [See Article v.] two, with Italy on the ninth of April, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, with the Netherlands on the twelfth of May, eighteen hundred and sixty- three, and also with France on the twelfth of May, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, shall be equally applied to goods imported from the United States. It is agreed that Belgium shall also extend to the United States the reductions of import duties which may result from her subsequent treaties with other powers. Ancrrcnn IV. Capitalization or The United States, in view of the proposition made by Belgium to the S°*¤¤*¢** dues- regulate, by a common accord, the capitalization of the Scheldt dll8S, ponsents to contribute to this capitalization under the following condiions: a. The capital sum shall not exceed thirty-six millions of francs. b, Belgium shall assume for its part one-third of that amount. c. The remainder shall he apportioned among the other States, pro rata to their navigation in the Scheldt. d. The proportion of the United States, to be determined in accordance with this rule, shall not exceed the sum of two millions seven hundred and seventynine thousand two hundred francs.