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RUSSIA, 1854. principles laid down in the 1st article. But h · · that they will take the stipulations containgdctndgdlgrtighnl dists gn; Lnagftwyhcnever it shall becomea question to judge of the rights of neu- ARTICLE III. It is agreed by the high contractin arties th ‘ · · - shall or may consent to accede to the rgilgs of the firgt sxtidlgtggzhighhili °*$f°;Bl*S;0£*l¤O¤¥r*:g; vention, by a formal declaration stipulating to observe them shall enjoy ti°““‘ the rights resulting from such accession as they shall be enjoyed and observed by the two Powers signing this convention. They shall mutually communicate to each other the results of the steps which may be taken on the subject. Anrrorn IV. The present convention shall be a roved and ratified b h I Ra 16 · dent of the United States of Amelriba, by and with theyadvicgfdd t Camus. consent of the Senate of said States, and by His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, and the ratitications of the same shall be exchanged at Washington, within the period of ten months, counting from this day, or sooner if possible. In faith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed the Sis¤=¤f¤¤‘<>¤- present convention in duplicate, and thereto atllxed the seal of their arms. Done at Washington the twenty-second day of Jul the ear of Dam. Grswe,1854. y’ y W. L. MARCY. 1.. s. EDOUARD STOECKL. [L. sj RUSSIA, 1867. CONVENTION BETWEEN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND HIS March 30, 1867. MAJESTY THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA, FOR THE CESSION OF THE RUS- —-—— SIAN POSSESSIONS IN NORTH AMERICA TO THE UNITED STATES, CON- CLUDED AT WASHINGTON MARCH 30, 1867; RATIFICATION ADVISED BY SENATE APRIL 9, 1867; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT MAY 28, 1867; RATIFI- CATIONS EXCHANGED AT WASHINGTON JUNE 20, 1867; PROCLAIMED JUNE 20, 1867. The United States 'of America and His Majesty the Emperor of all _Oontracting parthe Russias, being desirous of strengthening, if possible, the good *“”· understanding which exists between them, have, for that purpose, appointed as their Plenipotentiaries, the President of the United States, Ncgotinmrs. William H. Seward, Secretary of State; and His Majesty the Emperor " of all the Russias, the Privy Counsellor Edward de Stoeckl, his Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States; And the said Plcnipotentiaries, having exchanged their full powers, which were found to be in due form, have agreed upon and signed the following articles: ARTICLE I. His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias agrees to cede to the Cession ortqm. United States, by this convention, immediately upon the exchange ot tm'? **¤d‘]°”“¤'°“- the ratifications thereof, all the territory and dominion now possessed by his said Majesty on the continent of America and in the adjacent islands, the same being contained within the geographical limits herein set forth, to wit: The eastern limit is the line of demarcation between Boundaries of the Russian and the British possessions in North America, as_estab- ¢<=<l¤<ii¤¤‘¤¤<>II’· lished by the convention between Russia and Great Britain,of February 28-16, 1825, and described in Articles III and IV of said convention, in the following terms: _ " Oommenciug from the southernmost point of theisland called Prince