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RUSSIA, 1867. 673 with the exception of uncivilized native tribes · · ,· enjoyment of all the rights, advantages, and immdhiiigsoifizrhihherih of the °i££’¤';:**§n to United States, and shall be maintained and protected in the free enjoy- ment of their liberty, property, and religion. The uncivilizcd tribes Uncivilized tribes. will be subject to such laws and regulations as the United States may from time to time adopt in regard to aboriginal tribes of that country. ARTICLE IV. His Majesty, the Emperor of all the Russias hall appoint, with con- DBUWYY 0*0***1***] venient despatch, an agent or agents for the purpose of formally de- P"’¥’°”‘Y· livering to a similar agent or agents, appointed on behalf of the United States, the territory, dominion, property, dependencies, and appurtenances which are ceded as above, and lor doing any other act which may be necessary in regard thereto. But the cession, with the right of immediate possession, is nevertheless to be deemed complete and absolute on the exchange of ratiiications, without waiting for such formal delivery. ARTICLE V. Immediately after the exchange of the ratifications of this couven- D°H"°'Y °fmiH· tion, any fortifications or military posts which may be in the ceded °""P°“°°‘ territory shall be delivered to the agent of the United States, and any R¤¤¤i¤¤ troopsto Russian troops which may be in the territory shall be withdrawn as b° “'m’d"“"”· soon as may be reasonably and conveniently practicable. ARTICLE VI. In consideration of the cession aforesaid, the United States agree to Sum, *° ‘>° Pm pay at the Treasury in Washington, within ten months after the ex- by U""°°d S°°°°“‘ change of the ratiiications of this convention, to the diplomatic representative or other agent of His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, duly authorized to receive the same, seven million two hundred thou- _ sand dollars in gold. The cession of territory and dominion herein made uu?§g§glb§$’°'Y is hereby declared to be free and unincumbered by any reservations, ' privileges, franchises, grants, or possessions, by any associated companies, whether corporate or incorporate, Russian or any other, or by any parties, except merely private individual property-holders; and the soE1‘;';"°Y““°° ’“" cession hereby made conveys all the rights, franchises, and privileges ° now belonging to Russia in the said territory or dominion, and appurtenances thereto. ARTICLE VII. When this convention shall have been duly ratified by the President R¤**6°°¤°¤°· of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, on the one part, and, on the other, by His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, the ratitications shall be exchanged at Washington within three months from the date hereof, or sooner 1f possible. _ _ _ _ In iaith whereof the respective Plenipotentiaries have signed this S¤g¤¤t¤¥°¤· convention, and thereto adixed the seals of their arms. Done at Washington the thirtieth day of March, in the year of our Date. Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven. _ WILLIAM H. SEWARD. [L. s.] EDOUARD. DE STOEGKL. L. s. B S IV-43 -