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SARDINIA, ggg ties shall have announced to the other b an official noti i ‘ ‘ . tention to arrest the operation of the saidytreety, it shall Eecmhhrnoxg: tory one year beyond that trrne, and so on until the expiration of the twelve mouths which will follow a similar notitication whatever is the time at which it may take place. ’ Amrorn XX. The present treaty shell be approved and ratified by the President of Ratwcancnu. the United States of America, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, and by His Majesty the King of Sardinia; and the ratrncatrous shall be exchanged in the city of Washington within ten months from the date of the signature thereon or sooner if possible. _ In faith whereof the Plenipotentiaries of the contracting parties have signatures. signed the present treaty, and thereto affixed their respective seals. Done at Genoa this 26th November, 1838. Date. NATHANIEL NILES. L. s. SOLAR DE LA MABGUERITE. [L. s.] SEPARATE ARTICLE. Nov. 26, 1838. Oircumstances of a peculiar nature rendering it necessary for His Sar- p;;;,,,,,;;,; du. drnran Majesty to continue for a time differential duties, to the disadvan- ties. tage of foreign {lags, on grain, olive—oil, and wine, imported directly [See Articles II,` from the Black Sea, the ports of the Adriatic, and of those of the m·*¤dIV»PP· 66% Mediterranean, as far as Cape Trafalgar, notwithstanding the general 685] provisions of the articles No. 2, 3, and 4 of the present treaty, it is distinctly understood and agreed by the high contracting parties, that the United States shall have tnll and entire liberty to establish countervai1· ing dilferential duties on the same articles imported from the same places to the disadvantage of the Sardiuian Hag, in case the existing or any other diderential duties on the said articles shall be continued in force, to the disadvantage of the Hag of the United States of America, by His Sardiniau Majesty, beyond a period of four years, counting from the day of the exchange of the ratiilcations of the present treaty and separate article, but all countervailingdilferential duties on the said articles shall cease to be exacted from the time the United States Government shall have been informed officially of the discontinuance of differential duties on the part of His Sardinian Majesty. _ The present separate article shall have the same force and value as Effect of article. if it were inserted word for word in the treaty signed this day, and shall be ratified in the same time. In faith whereof we, the undersigned, by virtue of our full powers, signatures, have signed the present separate article, and thereto adixed our respective seals. Done at Genoa the 26th November, 1838. Daw- NATHANIEL NILES. {L. s.} SOLAR DE LA MARGUERITE. L. s. n s Iv;44