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692 rustic crnnnrins. SCHAUMBURG-LIPPE. SCHAUMBURG-LIPPE, 1854. DECLARATION OF ACCESSION" OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PRINCE OF J‘“‘° 7·1B54· SCHAUMBURG-LIPPE TO THE CONVENTION OF JUNE 16, 1852, BETWEEN THE UNITED -STATES AND PRUSSIA AND OTHER STATES OF THE GER- MANIC CONFEDIERATION, FOR THE EXTRADITION OF ORIMINALS, AND TO THE ADDITION L ARTICLE THERETO OF NOVEMBER 16, 1852, SIGNED JUNE 7, 1854; PROCLAIMED JULY 26, 1854. Pnoo,nn]o_ Whereas a treaty for the reciprocal extradition of fugitive criminals, [Soo oonvonnon in special cases, was concluded between Prussia and other States of the with Prussia and Germanic Confederation on the one hand, and the United States of <>fh¤¤‘ ·S¤¤·¢¤¤, pp- North America on the other, under date of June 16th, 1852, at Wash- 66°'663·] ington, by the Plenipotentiaries of the contracting parties, and has been ratified by the contracting Governments; and whereas, in the second article of the same, the United States of North America have declared that they agree that the stipulations of the aforesaid treaty shall be applicable to any other State of the Germanic Confederation which shall have subsequently declared its accession to the treaty: Now, there- Doolnnnnon of fore, in accordance therewith, the Government of His Serene Highness MGE5s50B_ the Reigning Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe, hereby declares its accession to the aforesaid treaty of June 16th, 1852, which is, word for word, as follows: [The original declaration here includes a copy in German and English of the treaty of June 16, 1852, and of the additional article thereto of November 16, 1852.] _ and hereby expressly gives assurance that each and every article and stipulation of this treaty shall be faithfully observed and enforced within the territory of the Principality of Schaumburg-Lippe. n,gm,m_°_ In testimony whereof, the Government of the Prince, in the name of His Serene Highness the Reigning Prince of Schaumburg·Lippe, has executed the present declaration of accession, and caused the seal of the Government to be thereunto aifxed. DMG Done at Buckeburg, the seventh day of June, one thousand eight ' hundred and fifty-four. The Government of the Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe. V. SAUER. [smut] WERNER.

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