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BIAM, 183.]. S I A M . SIAM, 1833. TREATY OF AMITY AND COMME · l—‘a’i>°%€°tt8é§iDtt¥éF‘§:%}£;*i¤i%’¥’ig¥EIi[°$%iggiiLY¤Ri¤°£i1£i?'iiii ———”“°“ ’°"““‘ 14, lm; PROCLAIME]5 JUNE 24,'IiI£_I~iS EXCHANGED Ar BANGKOK APRIL Treaty of amity and commerce between his Mefeat the M i cent Ki of Siam, and the United States df A/mericafwnji M His Majesty the Sovereign and Magnificent King in the City of Sia- Negotieten. Yut'hia has appointed the Chau Phaya—Phra-klang, one of the nrst Ministers of State, to treat with Edmund Roberts, Minister of the United States of America, who has been sent by the Government thereof, on its behalf, to form a treaty of sincere friendship and entire good faith between the two nations. For this purpose, the Siamese and the citizens of the United States of America shall, with sincerity, hold commercial intercourse in the ports of their respective nations as long as heaven and earth shall endure. This treaty is concluded on Wednesday, the last of the fourth month Date of treaty. of the year 1194, called Pi-marong-chat-tava·s6k, (or the year of the Dragon,) corresponding to the twentieth day of March, in the year of our Lord 1833. One original is written in Siamese, the other in Eng- Language of lish; but as the Siamese are ignorant of English, and the Americans *¤°=*'iY· of Siamese, a Portuguese and a Chinese translation are annexed, to serve as testimony to the contents of the treaty. The writing is of the Translations. same tenor and date in all the languages aforesaid. It is signed, on S,g,,,,,,m,,_ the one part, with the name of the Chau P’hayar]?'hra-klang, and sealed with the seal of the lotus ilower, of glass; on the other part, it is signed with the name of Edmund Roberts, and sealed with a seal containing Seals. an eagle and stars. One copy will be kept in Siam, and another will be taken by Edmund C¤¤¤<>¤y <>f¤¤¤¤·W· Roberts to the United States. If the Government of the United States gmgcmoue, shall ratify the said treaty and attach the seal of the Government, then Siam will also ratify it on its part, and attach the seal of its Government. Anrrcma I. There shall be a perpetual peace between the United States of Amer- Perpetual peace. iea and the Magnificent King of Siam. Amcxcnn II. The citizens of the United States shall have free liberty to enter all Iriberty of nevi-‘ the ports of the Kingdom of Siam with their cargoes, of whatever kind sgi, 1; ° m` the said cargoes may consist; and they shall have liberty to sell the ' same to any of the subjects of the King, or others who may w1sh to purchase the same, or to·barter the same for any produce or manufacture of the Kingdom, or other articles that may be found there. No prices shall be fixed by the officers of the King on the articles to be sold by the merchants of the United States, or the merchandise they may wish to buy, but the trade shall be free on hot-h sides to sell_ or buy Freedom oftrado. or exchange on the terms and for the prices the owners may think iit. Whenever the said citizens of the United States shall be ready to do-