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698 ruamo cramnrms. thenceforth only be subject to the payment of import and export duties on the goods lauded or shipped. Imi•<>¤‘* d¤¢i¤¤· On the articles of import the duties shall be three per cent., payable, at the option of the importer, eitherin kind or money, calculated upon the Drawbackg. market value of the goods. Drawbacllp of thie full amogipit otérllutyhflpaill Appmimmom ge allowed upon goods found unsalea e an re—expor e . on e merican merchant and the cnstom·house officers disagree as to the value to be set upon imported articlgs, suchhdisplugas shlalgl be relferred to the Consul and a proper Siamese officer w o s a eac ave the power to callin an equal number of·merehants’as assessors, not exceeding two on either side, to assist them in coming to an equitable decision-. Opium trade. Opium may be imported free of duty, but can only be sold to the opium farmer or his agents. In the event of no arrangement being effected with them for the sale of the opium, it shall be reexported, and no impost or duty [shall be] levied thereon. Any infringement of E .. .. . °"E*‘*f"“‘ffF“ ‘{}“¥¥ ?“".%.°‘é?.§‘2*’ °""}“° T.°;iE‘é1€3.€°.§‘€£ °3££S§?°f£t xpo nies. ic es ex o ro imeo pr · e s shall pay one impost only, whether this be levied under the name of int land tax, transit duty, or dutyon exportation. The tax or duty to be paid on each article of Siamese produce previous to or upon exportation is specified in the tariff attached to this treaty; and it is distinctly agreed that goods or produce that pay any description of tax in the interior shall Liberty of trade. be exempted from any further payment of duty on exportation. American merchants are to be allowed to purchase directly from the producer she articles in which they grade, and in like manner to sell their goods irectly to the parties wis ing to purchase the same without the interference in either case of any other person. , Tariq of dum, th'I‘he {lates of duty lajld down in the tariff attached to this treaty are _ _ oset at are now pai upon goods or produce shipped in Siamese or A“£ I°£'i °f Chinese vessels or junks; and it is agreed that American shipping shall pins_ P enjoy all theprivileges now exercised by, or which hereafter may be granted to, Siamese or Chinese vessels or jsuks. Shipbuilding in American citizens wil be allowed to buil ships in Siam on obtaining sium. permission to do so from the Siamese authorities. Exportation of _Whenever a scarcity may be apprehended of salt, rice, and fish, the ¤¤1¤.¤¢>¤. Md 6¤h· Siamese Government reserve to themselves the right of prohibiting by public proclamation the exportation of these articles, giving 30 days Attiunu free of (say thirty days) notice, except in case of war. Bullion or personal dirty- effects may be imported- or exported free of charge. Anrrcnm VIII. { Tr¤d¤ r¤g¤1¤· The code of regulations appended to this treaty shall be enforced by t °“°· . the Consul, with the co-operation of the Siamese authorities; and they, the said authorities and Consul, shall be enabled to introduce any further regulations which may be found necessary in order to give eifect to the objects of this treaty. M lfines and pen- All ilnes and penalties inflicted for infraction of the provisions and -" °'· regulations of this treaty shall be paid to the Siamese Government. Aarromr IX. Pri Xllerggs of The American Government and its citizens will be allowed free and

 '° ¤*· equal participation in anyprivileges that may have been or may hereafter be granted by the Siamese Government to the Government, citi—

zens, or subjects of any other nation. Anrronn X. t Revision or After the lapse of ten years from the date of the ratification of this ¤=¤¤y- treaty, upon the desire ot either the American or Siamese Government, and on twelve months’ notice given by either party, the present, and