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SPAIN, 1795. 705 to the head of St. Mary’s River, and thence down the middle thereof to the Atlantic_()cean. And it is agreed that if there should be any troops, garrisons, or settlements of either party in the territory of the other, according to the above-mentioned boundaries, they shall he withdrawn from the said territory within the term of six months after the ratification of this treaty, or sooner if it be possible; and that they shall be permitted to take with them all the goods and eifects which they possess. ` Anrrcuz HI. In order to carry the preceding article into efect, one Commissioner ?,°““'“"‘°“°" and one Surveyor shall be appointed by each of the contracting parties, “[£::,{;:XH who hall meet at the Natchez, on the left side of the River Mississippi, mn, of Img, pf before the expiration of six months from the ratification of this conven· 716.] tion, and they shall proceed to run and mark this boundary according to the stipulations of the said article. They shall make plats and keep journals of their proceedings, which shall be considered as part of this convention, and shall have the same force as if they were inserted therein. And if on any account it should be found necessary that the said Commissioners and Surveyors should be accompanied by guards, they shall be furnished in equal proportions by the commanding officer of His Majesty’s troops in the two Floridas, and the commanding onicer of the troops of the United States in their southwestern territory, who shall act by common consent, and amicably, as well with respect to this point as to the furnishing of provisions and instruments, and making every other arrangement which may be necessary or useful for the exe-· cution of this article. Anrrcrn IV. It is likewise agreed that the western boundary of the United States W•>¤W¤ b<>¤¤d· which separates them from the Spanish colony of Louissiana, is in the ‘“'Y· · _ middle of the channel or bed of the River Mississippi, from the northern h_££,°°·:}.`*£¥}H• boundary of the said States to the completion of the thirty-first degree 716_]y ’ P` of latitude north of the equator. And His Catholic Majesty has like- Naviptgonogth, wise agreed that the navigation of the said river, in its whole breadth Mississippi River. from its source to the ocean, shall be free only to his subjects and the peice Article citizens of the United States, unless he should extend this privilege to X -] the subjects of other Powers by special convention. Anrrcm V. The two high contracting parties shall, by all the means in their _0¤¤d¤¤¤Wi¤U¤· power, maintain peace and harmony among the several Indian nations d“’““· who inhabit the country adjacent to the lines and rivers, which, by the preceding articles, form the boundaries of the two Floridas. And the bet[t]er to obtain this effect, both parties oblige themselves expressly to restrain by force all hostilities on the part of the Indian nations living within their boundaries: so that Spain will not suder her Indians to attack the citizens of the United States, nor the Indians inhabiting their territory; nor will the United States permit these last-mentioned Indians to commence hostilities against the subjects of His Catholic Majesty or his Indians, in any manner whatever. And whereas several treaties of friendship exist between the two contracting parties and the said nations of Indians, it is hereby agreed that in intnre no treaty of alliance, or other whatever, (except treaties of peace,) shall be made by either party with the Indians living within the boundary of the other, but both parti will endeavour to make the advantages of the Indian trade common and mutually beneficial to their respective subjects and citizens, observing in all things the most complete reciprocity; so that both parties may obtain the advantages arising from a good understanding with the said nations, without being subject to the expeuce which they have hitherto occasioned. R s iv-45