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704 PUBLIC TREATIES. S P A I N . SPAIN, 1795. 0¤t.27, 1795. '1'REATY OF FRIENDSHIP, LIMITS, AND NAVIGATION, BETWEEN HIS CATH- —=— OLIC MAJESTY AND THE UNI'l`ED STATES OF AMERICA, CONCLUDED AT SAN LORENZO EL REAL OCTOBER 27, 1795 ; RATIFICATICN ADVISED BY SENATE MARCH 3, 1796; RATIFIED BY PRESIDENT; RATIFICATICNS EXCHANGED AT ARANJUEZ APRIL 2s, 1796; PROCLAIMED AUGUST 2, 1796. Treaty of Friendship, Limits, and Navigathm between the United States of America and the King of Spain. Contracting 1,,,. His Catholic Majesty and the United States of America, desiring to ties. consolidate, on a permanent basis, the friendship and good correspond= ence which happily prevails between the two parties, have determined to establish, by a convention, several points, the settlement whereof will be productive of general advantage and reciprocal utility to both nations. ‘ Negotiutors. With this intention, His Catholic Majesty has appointed the most excellent Lord Don Manuel de Godoy, and Alvarez de Faria, Rios, Sanchez, Zarzosa, Prince de la Paz, Duke de la. Alcudia, Lord of the Soto de Roma, and of the State of Albala, Grandee of Spain of the first class, perpetual Regidor of the citty of Santiago, Knight of the illustrious Order of the Golden Fleece, and Great Cross of the Royal and distinguished Spanish Order of Charles the HI, Commander of Valencia del Ventoso, Rivera, and Acenchal in that of Santiago; Knight and Great Cross of the religious Order of St. John; Counsellor of State; iirst Secretary of State and Despacho · Secretary to the Queen; Superintendant General of the Posts and Highways- Protector of the Royal Academy of the Noble Arts, and of the Royal Societies of Natural History, Botany, Chemistry, and Astronomy; Gentleman of the King’s Chamber in employment; Captain General of his Armies; Inspector and Major of the Royal Corps of Body Guards, &:a., &a., Sta., and the President of the United States, with the advice and consent of their Senate, has appointed Thomas Pinckney, a citizen of the United States, and their Envoy Extraordinary to His Catholic Majesty. And the said Plenipotentiaries have agreed upon and concluded the following · articles: ARTICLE I. Peace and friend- There shall be a firm and inviolable peace and sincere friendship be- ¤bip· tween His Catholic Majesty, his successors and subjects, and the United States and their citizens, without exception of persons or places. L ARTICLE II. Southern bound- To prevent all disputes on the subject of the boundaries which sepa- ¤ry1i¤¤· rate the territories of the two high contracting parties it is hereby de- [8,,, A,.;;,,;,, XII, clared and agreed as follows, to wit: The southern boundary of the treaty or 1819, p. United States, which divides their territory from the Spanish colonies 716-] of East and West Florida, shall be designated by a line beginning on the River Mississippi, at the northerumost part of the thirty-first degree of latitude north of the equator, which from thence shall be drawn due east to ·the middle of the River Apalachicola, or Catahouche, thence along the middle thereof to its junction with the Flint; thence straight