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TWO SIOILIES, 1845. 773 Anrrorm I. There shall be reciprocal liberty of commerce and navigation between Reciprocal libthe United States of America and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. · ****3 °f .°°“!'*°'°° No duty of customs, or other impost, shall be- charged upon any “§0§Q:Qf:j:’R,,,g goods the produce or manufacture of one country, upon importation by emu, sea or by land from such country into the other, other or higher than the duty or impost charged upon goods of the same kind, the produce or manufacture ot} or imported from, any other country; and the United Favors granted States of America and His Majesty the King of the Kingdom of the *00***9* ¤Mi°¤¤ tr Two Sicilies do hereby engage that the subjects or citizens of any other b°°°"‘° °°'“"”°“‘ State shall not enjoy any favour, privilege, or immunity whatever, in matters of commerce and navigation, which shall not also and at the same time be extended to the subjects or citizens of the other high contracting party, gratuitously, if the concession in favour of that other State shall have been gratuitous, and in return for a compensation, as nearly as possible of ·proportionate value and effect, to be adjusted by mutual agreement, if·the concession shall have been conditional. Anrromn II. All articles of the produce or manufacture of either country, and of ,_ Equa.lity_of dutheir respective States, which can legally be imported into either coun- ****3 °¤ “”P°'*' try from the other, in ships of that other country, and thence coming, °" °xp°"°' shall, when so imported, be subject to the same duties and enjoy the same privileges, whether imported in ships of the one country or in ships of the other; and, in li e manner, all goods which can legally be exported or re-exported from either countryto the other, in ships of that other country, shall, when so exported or re-exported, be subject to the same duties, and be entitled to the same privileges, drawbacks, bounties, and allowances, whether exported in ships of the one country or in ships of the other. * · Aizxrrorn III. No duties of tonnage, harbour, light-houses, pilotage, quarantine, or Equality or touother similar duties, of whatever nature, or under whatever denomina- ¤!°·§¤·lh==*b°5y Q'"` tion, shall be imposed in either country ·upon the vessels of the other, hg t"""" “°'°°‘ in respect of voyages between the United States of America and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, if laden, or in respect of any voyage, if in ballaslg,. which shall not be equally imposed in the like cases on national vesse Aurrom IV. It is hereby declared, that the stipulations of the present treaty are C°¤¤¢i¤&: WMI6- not to be understood as applying to the navigation and carrying trade between one port and another, situated in the States of either contracting party, such navigation and trade being reserved exclusively to national vessels. Vessels of either country shall, however, be permitted to load or unload the whole or part of their cargoes at one or more ports in the States of either of the high contracting parties, and then to proceed to complete the said loading or unloading to [at] any other port or ports in the same States. ARTICLE V. Neither of the two Governments, nor any corporation or agent acting _ No preference or in behalf or under the authority of either Government, shall, in the ¤¤*P°”****°”°- purchase of any article which, being the growth, produce, or manufacture of the one country, shall be imported into the other, give, directly or indirectly, any priority or preference on account of or in reference to the national character of the vessel in which such article shall have