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782 rustic ·rn.nAtrIns. vantages granted in the present treaty, unless they are provided with the proper papers and certificates, as required by the regulations existing in the respective countries, to establish their tonnage and their nationality. Amrroma X. Importations and The vessels of each of the high contracting parties shall be allowed °*P°”¤¤°¤¤· to introduce into the ports of the other, and to export thence, and to deposit and store there, every sort of goods, wares, and merchandise, from whatever place the same may come, the importation and exportation of which are legally permitted in the respective States, without being held tc pay other or heavier custom-house duties or imposts, of whatever kind or name, other or of higher rate than those which would be paid for similar goods or products it the same were imported or exported in national vessels; and the same privileges, drawbacks, bounties, and allowances which may be allowed by either of the contracting parties on any merchandise imported or exported in their own vessels shpll the lallowhed, also, on similar produce imported or exported in vesseso theo erparty. Anrrcnn XI. _ No preference of _ No priority or preference shall be given, directly or indirectly, by ¤¤p¤rt¤t¤<>¤¤· either of the contracting parties, nor by any company, corporation, or agent, in their behalf, or under their authority, in the purchase of any art1cle of commerce lawfully imported on account of or in reference to the character of the vessel in which such article was imported; it being the true intent and meaning of the contracting parties that no distinction or diiference shall be made in this respect. Anrromz XII. Vessels on equal _ The principles contained in the foregoing articles shall be applicable i'<>¤¤¤z· in all their extent to vessels of each of the high contracting parties, and to their cargoes, whether the said vessels arrive from the ports of either of the contracting parties, or from those of any other foreign country so that, as far as regards dues of navigation or of customs, there shall not be made, either in regard to direct or indirect navigation, any distinction whatever between the vessels of the two contracting parties. Ancrronn XIII. Coastin trade The above stipulations shall no h te d to ii ` wd ¤¤¤¤¥§¤¤· the coasting trade from one port toganhtlfohcin ‘eaehDcount:y1Bwh’gtl:e2·rfdg passengers or merchandise, and whether by sailing vessels or steamers, such navigation and traffic being reserved exclusively to national vessels. _ But, notwithstanding, the vessels of either of the two contracting parties may load or unload in part at one or more ports of the territories of the other, and then proceed to any other port or.ports in said territories tlcggzloampllpgslglacisr loading or unloading, in the same manner as a national Anrronn XIV. _Eqnality er du- No higher or other duty shall be imposed th ‘ ‘ ties <>¤ rr¤d¤<=¤ 0* or land, into the United States of any artichau the lmpothamom by Sm °"‘h°' °°'“‘"Y· manufacture of the Kingdom of the Two Sieilies, or érhg- iisherihgqeaxfd no higher or other duty shall be imposed on the importation by sea or by land, into the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies of any article the wth pIr<;d1r;<{;e,b<;rpr1;;1;Lif‘ge(t;1:e1 gtztlhe Uéiised gltatesyor their fisheries, thsn are ‘ ‘ I C ar IG BS m _ mi? Ofttuy Owl? gmign country. e growth, produce, or anufac oo eror lg er uties andchar e h llbs ’ ' States on the exportation of any articilg tb th: lKl)r?gd?>mnoti'htl}e¤Tst$g Sicilies, or in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies on the exportation of any