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80 PUBLIC TREATIES. of His Highness the Sultan of Borneo shall be perfectly free, and shall be subject only to the custom duties which may hereafter he in force in regard to such trade. Am·1c1.n V. Duties on Ameri- e din one dollar r re istered ton shall be levied on °‘“ "“”°]“· Arhgrgldhy ggssaeds e€1tering the lpbrts {bf His Highness the Sultan of Borneo; and this fixed duty of one dollar per ton, to be levied on all American vessels, shall be in lieu of all other charges or dut1es whatsoever. His Highness, moreover, engages that American trade and American goods shall be exempt from any internal duties, and also from any injurious regulations which may hereafter, from whatever causes, be_adopted in the dominions of the Sultan of Borneo. Anrrcnn VI. Noduty upouex- His Highness the Sultan of Borneo agrees that no duty whatever P°¤¤ from B°’¤°°·· shall be levied on the exportation from His Highness’ dominions of any article, the growth, produce, or manufacture of those dominions. Anrrrcrn VII. Ships of war. His Highness the Sultan of Borneo engages to permit the ships of war of the United States of America freely to enter the ports, rivers, and creeks situate within his dominions, and to allow such ships to provide themselves, at a fair and moderate price, with such supplies, stores, and provisions as they may from time to time stand in need of. Anrxomz VIII. wrecks. If any vessel under the American Ha g should be wrecked on the coast of the dominions of His Highness the Sultan of Borneo, His Highness engages to give all the assistance in his power to recover for and to deliver over to the owners thereof all the property that can be saved from such vessels. His Highness further engages to extend to th ofiicers and crew, and to all other persons on board of such wrecked vessels, full protection, both as to their persons and as to their property. Anrronn IX. Trial or cases V His Highness the Sultan of Borneo agrees that in all cases where a whew American citizen of the United States shall be accused of any crime committed ZL2u22S' “*° °°”' in any part of His Highness' dominions, the person so accused shall be ° exclusively tried and adjudged by the American Consul, or other onicer duly appointed for that purpose; and in all cases where disputes or differences may arise between American citizens, or between American citizens and the subjects of His Highness, or between American citizens and the citizens or subjects of any other foreign power in the dominions of the Sultan of Borneo, the American Consul, or other duly appointed officer, shall have power to hear and decide the same, without any interference, molestation, or hindrance ·on the part of any authority of Borneo, either before, during, or after the litigation. Ratiiications. This treaty shall be ratified, and the ratitications thereof shall be exchanged at Bruni at any time prior to the fourth day of July, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four. Date. Done at the city of Bruni on this twenty-third day of June, anno Domim one thousand eight hundred and fifty, and on the thirteenth day of the month Saaban, of the year of .the Hegira one thousand two hundred. and sixty-six. [1.. sj JOSEPH BALESTIER. [L. s. OMAR ALI SAIFEDDIN.