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BRAZIL, 1849. 9] Anrroms III. In order that the Government of the United States may be enabled - D9¤¤m°¤*·¤ *° M properly to consider the claims of the citizens of said States, they re- f“"“°b°d‘ mainin g, as above declared, subject to its judgment, the respective documents which throw light upon them shall be delivered by the Imperial Government to that of the United States, so soon as this convention shall receive the ratification of the Government of said States. Anrronn IV. The sum agreed upon shall be paid by the Imperial Government to _Payment byBmthat of the United States, in the current money of Brazil, as soon as m- the exchange of the ratiiications of this convention is made known in this capital, for which His Majesty the Emperor of Brazil pledges himself to obtain the necessary funds at the next session of the legislature. Ancrronn V. The payment of the sum above named, of five hundred and thirty P¤y¤¤¤¤¤ of i¤· thousand milreis, shall not be made until atter the reception of the "°"’“"· notice in this capital of the exchange of ratiiications; but the said sum shall bear interest, at six per centum per annum, from the first day of July next. The Imperial Government, however, obliges itself to make good that interest only when, in conformity to the preceding article of this convention, the amount stipulated shall be paid. Anrrcnn VI. The present convention shall be ratined, and the ratitications ex- RM>ifi¤¤ti¤¤¤· changed, in Washington, within twelve months after it is signed in this capital, or sooner if possible. In faith of which we, Plenipotentiaries of the United States of Amer- Signatures. ica and of His Majesty the Emperor of Brazil, sign and seal the same. Done in the city of Rio de Janeiro, this twenty-seventh day of Jan- D°·”· nary, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty- nine. [L. s. DAVID TOD. [L. sj VISCONDE DE OLINDA.