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92 PUBLIC TREATIES. B R E M E N . [See Hanseatic Republics.] BREMEN, 1853. · E ‘ ATE OF THE FREE HANSEATIC S°Pt‘ 6*1853.. _‘ D?:?T?$)ll·Tl3O1&MENAT%ETS{;I?}zJSIEVBNTICNNFOR THE MUTUAL DELIVERY OF CRIMINALS, FUGITIVES FROM JUSTICE, BETWEEN PRUSSIA AND OTHER STATES OF THE GERMANIC CONFEDERATION ON THE ONE PART, AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ON THE OTHER PART; SIGNED SEPTEMBER 6, 1853; RATIEIED BY PRESIDENT OCTOBER 14, Iesas; RATIF1- CATIONS EXCHANGED AT WASHINGTON OCTOBER 14, 1853; PROCLAIMED OCTOBER 15, 1853. Acc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,c,,,,_ Whereas a convention for the mutual delivery of criminals fugitives vention for extra- from justice, in certain cases, between Prussia and other states of the di¤i¤¤ <>f¤fi¤¤i¤¤1¤· Germanic Confederation, on the one part, and the United States of North America on the other part, was concluded at Washington, on the [See ·*Pr¤s¤i¤ 16th June, 1852, by the Plenipotentiaries of the contracting parties, and ¤¤d<>¢h•>r S¤¤¢¢¤·"l was subsequently duly ratitied on the part of the contracting governments; and whereas, pursuant to the second article of the said convention, the United States have agreed that the stipulations of the said convention shall be applied to any other state of the Germanic Con federation which might subsequently declare its accession thereto: Therefore the senate of the free Hanseatic city of Bremen accordingly hereby declares their accession to the said convention of the 16th June, 1852, which is literally as follows: [A copy of the convention of the 16th of June, 1852, between the United States and Prussia and other Germanic states, is here inserted.] And hereby expressly promises that all and every one of the articles and provisions contained in the said convention shall be faithfully obgerved and executed within the dominion of the free Hanseatic city of remen. Signature, In faith whereof the president of the senate has executed the present declaration of accession, and has caused the great seal of Bremen to be atlrlxed to the same. Dam Done at Bremen the sixth day of September, eighteen hundred and fifty-three. The President of the Senate, [SEAL.] SMIDT. BREULS, Sear.