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214 Fo1;my-1voUm2H com umass. sms. 1. RES. 13, 15, 16. 1876. July 3, 1876. [No. 13.] Joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of War to issue arms. P°="*· P· 41* Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Smeg A¤¤¤P¤b$>i¤¤¤<>d of America in Congress assembled, That: tho Secretary of War is hereby f’%rr$`g;”éQj:’tf: md authorized tocauso to be issued to tho Territories, ani the States bop. .during thereon such arms as ho may deem necessary or their proteo- — tion, not to cxoood one thousand to said States each, and not mom Proviso. than fivo hundred to each of said Territories: Provided That such issues hlll lf dbth G o <,nt$vh'chha b

 s a >o on y rom arms owne y o ov rnm -   1 vo con

P’°“°°·· superseded and no longer issued to tho Army: Provided however, that said arms shall be issued only in tho following manner, and upon tho following conditions, uamoly,`upou tho requisition of tho governors of said States or Territories showing tho absolute necessity of arms for tho protection of the citizens and their property against Indian raids into said States or Territories also that militia companies are regularly organizod and under control of tho governors of said States or Territories to whom said arms are to be issued, and that said governor or governors shall give an good and sufficicnt bond for the return of said arms or pay- ment for tho same at such time as the Secretary of War may designate. Approved, July 3, 1876. July 90, 1876 [No. 15.] Joint resolution to amend the not approved Juno eighteenth, eighteen bun- —‘—"‘_"‘_""‘ drod and seventy-four, relating to the admission of articles intended for bbc Interna- Anlc, Pp_3,34,45, tional Exhibition of eighteen hundred and seventy-six. 211 21:;. - · -

  • Be at resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Umtod

1814,4:11. 310, States of America, in Congress assembled, That tho act approved J uno 18 sm., 82, eighteenth, eighteen hundred and soveutsyfour entitled “An act: to admit;

  • "”°“d°d· free of duty articles intended for tho International Exhibition of eighteen hundred and seventy-six" be, and tho same is hereby so amended

us to permit the solo and delivery, during tho oxbibitiou, of 'goods, Imported goods wares, and merchandise heretofore imported and now in the Exhibition may be so ld in Buildings, subject to such additional regulations for tho security of the €uutorxuia.IExhibi· revenue and tho collection of duties thereon as the Secretary of the mf'- Treasury may in his discretion prescribe. · 0x£;‘&’&; Sino. 2. Thsit tho entire stock of each exhibitor, consisging of goods, d · s ‘ wares and morchandnso 1mportcd by him and now in said buildings is um hereby declared liable for tho payment of duties accruing on any portion · thereof, in case of tho removal of such portion from said buildin s witho u w u r n. ut; paymo t of tho la, f 1 duties tho oo g R. S. 2082, p. 595. Sec. 3. That the penalties proscribed by, and the provisions contained in, soction three thousand and oighty-two of the Revised Statutes, shall Popultnies mode be deemed and hold to apply in tho case of any goods, wares or merchan- “}‘Ph°"·b1°· disc now in said buildings sold, delivered or removed without payment ofdutias, in tho same manner as if such goods wares or merchandise had been imported contrary to law; and tho article or articles so sold, delivered or removed, shall be deemed and held to have been $0 imported, with tho knowledge of tho parties respectively concerned 111 such solo, delivery or removal. Approved, July 20, 1876. July 22, 1876. [N0. 16.] Joint resolution d011ati1}gé Ewo calunouénud cagyiages to the Warden and Bui- ""**";‘*·* QOSSBS 0 Olllllg OD, 0111100 1006. Preamble. Whereas, there are now at tho town of Stonington in the State of Connecticut, tawo eighteen pounder iron cannon and two eighteen pounder taravohug carriages, belonging to tho same, which were used for the dofcnco of said town against the attack of British Mon of War, in tho wor of 1812, und, which cannon arc highly prized by tho inhabitants of saxd town, as memorable relics of tho bombzuwlmout of the town on tho tonth day of August 1814 Therefore,