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FORTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. RES. 16, 17, 18. 1876. 215 Resolved by the Senatcmcd House of Representatives of the United States D¤¤Mi<>¤ of Muof America in Congress assembled, That, said guns and gun czmiage ¥‘°“€ °""é· °° S"°“‘ be and they hcrcbyarc donated by the United States to the War- mg °”' °°”' den and Burgesscs of the Borough of Stonington, to be owned and held by them and their successors in officc; and permission is hereby given to said Warden and Burgcsscs to place the same on unoccupied land, belonging to the United Statues, at the end of the Point, so ca,1lcd, in said town and Borough of Stonington. Approved, July 22, 1876. _ [N0. 17.] Joint resolution for the issue of silver com. July 22. 1876. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That tha Secretary of the Treasury, _ $*1***2* ¤°i¤ W b° under such limits and regulations as will best secure za, just and fair dis- }t‘f_‘;’;°E‘Q"§‘; tributiou of the same through tha country, may issue the silver coin at DOY10S?` any time in the Treasury to an amount 1101: exceeding ten million d01· lars, in exchange for an equal amount of legal-tender notes; and the notes so received in exchange shall be kept as Ft special fund separate M1;°:°;c€g1bFuk§¥’* ` and apart from all other money in the Treasury, and be reissued only P ' upon the retirement and destruction of a. like sum of fractional cur- USG ofrency received my the Treasury in payment of dues to the United States · and said fractional currency, when so substituted, shall be destroyed and held as part; of the sinking fund, as provided in the act approved 1876,°h·_G7*· April seventeen, eighteen huuclrcd and seventy-six. A"“·P· 3** Sec. 2. That the trade dollar shall not hcrcaitcr be a. legal tender, 'TPMYB d¤UM‘ Mt and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to limit from gg l’° “ 1“g“1“’“d‘ time to time, the coinage tzhcreof to such mn amount as Inc may deem Qgohmgc Oflmuy sufficicnh to meet the export demand for the same. be limitud. Sec. 3. That in addition to the amount of subsidiary silver coin mx- Amount of mibthorizcd by law to be issued in redemption of the fractional currency it; sidi:u·y_ silver coin shall be lawful to u1zugui'actur0 at the several mints, and issue through ““*h°"“d- the Treasury and its several officas, such coin, to an z¤mouut,tlmb,iucluding the amount of subsidiary silver coin and of fractional currency gutftandiug, shall, in the aggregate, not exceed, nt any time, fifty million ol ars. S11:0. 4. That the silver bullion required for the purposes of this mso- _I’¤F<>h¤¤¤ of b¤1· lutzion shall be purchased, from time to time>,nt mmkcb-mts, by the lm"' Secretary of the Treasury, with any money in the Treasury not 0t;11cr~ wise approprimncd; but 110 purchase of bullion shall be made under this PFM limitedresolution when tha markpta-rate for the mma shall be such as will not admit of the coinage and issue, as herein provided, without loss to the _ _ Treasury ; and any gain or seiguioruga arising from this coinage shall M§g‘g‘}":{’;<€°*°b° be accounted for and paid into the Treasury, as provided under existing “°_° °r' laws relative to the subsidiary coinage: 1’¢·0·v6dcd, That the amount of P’°"*¤°· money my any one time invested in such silver bullion, exclusive of such resulting coin, shall not; exceed two hundred thousand dollars. Approved, July 22, 1876. [N0. 18.] Joint resolution to correct an error in the enrolment of the Post·OiHco ap- July 25. 1876. propriation act. -··—···—;···—-·-· Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States _ qf America in Congress assembled, That the acts approved July twelfth, ;i87;£»°hé}79» 6 "» eighteen hundred and seventy-six, entitled "An act making appropriu- amm;ff,;d_’ tions for the service of the Post; Office Depnrmmnt for the fiscal year ending June thirticth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, and for other purposes," be amended as follows: