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318 ronrr-rounrn oonennss. snss. 1L on. 102. 1877. JUDICIAL. Salaries, United UNITED STATES GOURS.-For the Chief-Justice of the Supreme Court SMH ¤<>¤¤‘*·§· of the United States, ten thousand five hundred dollars, and for eight; S"P"°"‘°(’°“'“‘ associate justices, ten thousand dollars each ; in all, ninety thousand five hundred dollars; for marshal of the Supreme Court of the United States three thousand dollars ‘ Library, snpn-me For purchase, by the Librarian of Congress of new books of reterence Court. for the Supreme Court, to be a part of the Library of Congress and purchased under the direction of the Chief-Justice, two thousand dollars Circuit judges. For nine circuit judges to reside in circuit, at six thousand dollars each, fifty four thousand dollars. Reporter or su- For salary of the reporter of the decisions of the Supreme Court of i>1‘¢>¤¤<> Court- the United States, two thousand nve hundred dollars _ 1;;,,;,-M ;,,,ig,,,_ For salaries of the fifty-one district judges of the United States one ‘ hundred and eighty six thousand dollars. _ \Vilson Meoanu- For salary of Wilson McCandless, retired judge of the western dislm- trict of Pennsylvania, four thousand dollars. District or on- For salaries of the chief-justice of the supreme court of the District lllulbm- of Columbia and the four associate judges, twenty thousand five hundred dollars. District an or- For compensation of the district attorneys of the United States, nine- ¤<>y¤~ teen thousand three hundred dollars Marshals. For compensation of the district marshals of the United States, twelve thousand one hundred dollars. tvanien or jan, For salary of the warden of the jail in the District of Columbia, one D. C. thousand eight hundred dollars. Contingent ex- For defraying the contingent expenses of the courts, including compcu cs c<>¤r’r¤· pensation of the United States district attorney; and the fees, per diem and traveling expenses of the United States marshal in the Territory of Utah, with expenses of sumoning jurors, subpoenaing witnesses, of arresting, guarding, and trasporting prisoners, of hiring and feeding guards, of supplying and caring for the penitentiary, arising under the act of June twenty third, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, in relation to courts and judicial officers in the Territory of Utah, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy eight, to be paid under the direction and order of the Department of Justice upon accounts duly veriiied and certified. twenty thousand dollars. Salaries, etc. OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL.—FOP compensation of lll1B Anci-ney-G»m>r- Attorney General, eight thousand dollars; solicitor-general, seven thou-

  • ‘l'S Omw- sand dollars; three assistant attorneys-general, at five thousand dollars

. each; one assistant attorney general of the Post Office Department, - four thousand dollars; solicitor of the internal revenue, four thousand uve hundred dollars; naval solicitor, three thousand five hundred dollars; examiner of claims, three thousand five hundred dollars; law-clerk and examiner of titles, two thousand seven hundred dollars, chief clerk, two thousand two hundred dollars; stenographic clerk, one thousand eight hundred dollars; one law-clerk, two thousand dollars; five clerks of class four; additional for disbursing-clerk, to hundred dollars; one clerk of class two; two clerks of class one; live copyists; one telegraphoperator, at one thousand thousand dollars; one messenger; one assistant messenger; two laborers; and two watchmen; in all, seventy seven thousand one hundred and forty dollars. _ For contingent expenses of the Department, namely: For furniture and repairs, one thousand dollars; for law and miscellaneous books for the library of the Department, one thousand five hundred dollars; for stationery two thousand dollars; for miscellaneous expenditures, such as telegraphing, fuel, lights labor, and other necessaries, six thousand Eve hundred dollars; in all, thirteen thousand two hundred dollars. For care and subsistence of horses and repairs of wagons and harness seven hundred and fifty dollars.