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FOBTY-FO URTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 109, 110. 1877. 383 library, one thousand five hundred dollars; pay of assistant of same, seven hundred and twenty dollars; pay of five firemen, two thousand two hundred dollars; increase and expense of the library, books, magazines, periodicals, and completing printing and binding of catalogues one thousand dollars. _ _ , For pay of librarian’s assistant, one thousand dollars. ‘ S,g;;’,f""‘"‘“ “ “' For furniture for cadet-hospital, one hundred dollars. (jadgt,h0Sp;t,,1_ For repairing and improving seacoast battery, taking up, repairing Sea-coast batfoundation, and relaying plattorm for fifteen-inch gun, four hundred and my- eighty dollars. ` For new stone front-pintle platform for fifteen-inch gun, one thousand dollars. Buildings and grounds: For repairingroads and paths, five hundred Buildings and `dollars. s¤>¤¤d¤· For resetting steam-boilers used for heating cadet-barracks, academy, Heating appachapel, and library, one thousand two hundred dollars. ¤¤¤¤· SECTION 2. That theMilitary Academy band shall consistof one teacher Band. of music, who shall be leader of the band, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, and may be acivilian, and of twenty-four enlisted musicians of the band. Sec. 5. That the teacher of music shall receive ninety dollars per Pay of bundmonth, one ration, and the allowance of fuel of a second lieutenant of the Army; and that of the enlisted musicians of the band six shall each be paid thirty-four dollars per month; six shall each be paid twenty dollars per month; and the remaining twelve shall each be paid seventeen dollars per month; and that the enlisted musicians of the baud shall have the benents as to pay arising from re-enlistments and length of service applicable to other enlisted men of the Army. — Approved, March 3, 1877. CHAP. 110.—Au act making appropriations for the service of the Post Office Depart- Mufch 3, 1877- ment for the iiscal year ending une thirtleth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, ’"*""j_"*‘—` and for other purposes. A"*‘”· P· ’ 8- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _ States of America in Congress assembled, That the tollowin g sums be and API’*`°P'i**”{°¤°· the same are hereby, appropriated for the service of the Post éftice I’°¤'*¤l ¤°"*°°· Department for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, out of any money in the Treasury arising from the revenues of said Department, in conformity to the act of July second, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, as follows: . OFFIGE OF THE POSTMASTER-GENERAL. ~ For mail-depredations and special agents, one hundred and thirty-ve _ M iw i1 <1¢pr<><ls— thousand dollars; and not exceeding seven thousand five hundred dol- mmlars of this amount may be expended for tees to United States attorneys, marshals, clerks of courts, and counsel necessarily employed by special agen ts of the Post·Odico Department, subject to approval by the Attor- · ney-General. · For preparation and publication of post-route maps, twenty-five thou- Post-route maps. sand dollars; and the Postmaster-General may authorize the publication Sale of maps. and sale of said maps to individuals at the cost thereof, the proceeds of said sales to be applied as a further appropriation for said purpose. For advertising, sixty thousand dollars: Provided, That the Post- Advertising. master-General shall cause advertisements of all general maillettings _ of each State and Territory to be conspicuously posted up in each post- Advertisements office in the State and Territory embraced in said advertisements for at *° l*° P°¤*°d “P· least sixty days before the time of such general letting; and no other advertisement of such lettings shall be required ; but this provision shall not apply to any other than general mail-lettin gs.