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SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 4. 1801. 99 value of fifty dollars, shall be allowed to the circuit court next to be and 5-om [hence holden, in the district where such final judgment or judgments, decree *0 fhs ¤¤r>r¢¤¤¤ or decrees, may be rendered; and the circuit court or courts are hereby °°“"' authorized and required to receive, hear and determine such appeal; and that from all final judgments or decrees in any circuit court, in any cases of equity, of admiralty and maritime jurisdiction, and of prize or no prize, an appeal, where the matter in dispute, exclusive of costs, shall exceed the sum or value of two thousand dollars, shall be allowed to the supreme court of the United States; and that upon such appeal, a transcript of the libel, bill, answer, depositions, and all other proceedings of what kind soever in the cause, shall be transmitted to the said supreme court; and that no new evidence shall be received in the said court, on the hearing of such appeal; and that such appeals shall be subject to the same rules, regulations and restrictions, as are prescribed by law in case of writs of error; and that the said supreme court shall be, and hereby is authorized and required, to receive, hear and determine such appeals. Sue. 34. And be it further enacted, That all final judgments in civil Writs oferror actions at common law, in any of the circuit courts hereby established, *° *j‘° °i'°*““ whether brought by original process in such court, or removed thereto com s` from any state court, and all final judgments in any of the district courts of the United States may, where the matter in dispute, exclusive of costs, shall exceed the sum or value of two thousand dollars, be reexamined and reversed or affirmed, in the supreme court of the United States, by writ of error: whereto shall be annexed, and returned therewith at the day and place therein mentioned, an authenticated transcript of the record and assignment of errors, and prayer for reversal, and also a citation to the adverse party, signed by a judge of such circuit court, or by the district judge as the case may be; which citation shall be served on the adverse party personally, or by leaving a true copy thereof at his or their usual place or places of residence, at least thirty days before the time mentioned in such writ of error, for the return thereof Sm:. 35. And be it fin·t/ter enacted, That the stipulation, bond or Security taken security, taken upon any writ of error or appeal to be brought or allowed :¥;°" “";*“ gf as aforesaid, shall be returned by the judge taking the same, to the clerk tg °§,,°;,,,?j°°u° or register of the court where the judgment or decree complained of with the recorcfi was rendered, to be by him annexed to the transcript of the record, hereby directed to be sent up to the supreme court of the United States. Sue. 36. And be it further enacted, That there shall be appointed, in Marshals to and for each of the districts established by this act, a marshal, whose b° "‘l’l’°‘“°°d· duty it shall be to attend the circuit courts of the United States hereby established, when sitting within such district, and who shall have and exercise, within such district, the same powers, perform the same duties, be subject to the same penalties, give the same bond with sureties, take the same oath, be entitled to and receive the same compensation and emoluments, and in all respects be subject to the same regulations, as are now prescribed by law, in respect to the marshals of the United States heretofore appointed: Provided always, that the several marshals of the United States, now in office, shall, during the periods for which they were respectively appointed, unless sooner removed by the President of the United States, be and continue marshals for the several districts hereby established, within which they respectively reside; and shall perform the duties, exercise the powers, and receive the emoluments, hereby directed to be performed, exercised and received, by marshals therein. _ _ Sec. 37. And be it further enacted, That there shall be appointed for i£*’j;*°;¤**°¤'· each of the districts hereby established, a person learned in the law, to :,,,,,,,,d_ ° °P° act as attorney for the United States within such district, and in the circuit and district courts which may be holden therein; which attorney shall take an oath or affirmation for the faithful performance of the du— ties of his office, and shall prosecute, in such district, all delinquents for