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crimes and offences cognizable under the authority of the United States, and all civil actions or suits in which the United States shall be concerned, except actions or suits in the supreme court of the United States; and shall be entitled to, and receive, for their services respectively, such compensations, emoluments and fees, as by law are or shall be allowed, to the district attornies of the United States:District attornies. Provided always, that the district attornies of the United States now in office shall, severally and respectively, be attornies for those districts hereby established, within which they reside, until removed by the President of the United States; and shall perform the duties, exercise the powers, and receive the emoluments, hereby directed to be performed, exercised and received, by the attorney of the United States therein.

Compensation of jurors and witnesses.Sec. 38. And be it further enacted, That jurors and witnesses attending any of the courts, hereby established, shall be entitled to and receive the same compensations respectively, as heretofore have been allowed by law to jurors and witnesses, attending the circuit and district courts of the United States.

Records of the circuit courts, where to be kept.Sec. 39. And be it further enacted, That the records of the several circuit courts, hereby established, shall hereafter be kept at the respective places at which the said courts are hereby directed to be holden: Provided always, that in the district wherein there are more than one place directed by this act for holding said circuit courts, the records of the circuit court in such district shall hereafter be kept in either of such places, as the said court in such district shall direct.

Suitors, &c. how far privileged from arrest.Sec. 40. And be it further enacted, That the privilege from arrest of every person going to, attending at, or returning from, any court of the United States, shall be computed and continue, from the time of his or her departure from his or her habitation, until his or her return thereto: Provided, that such time shall not exceed one day, Sundays excluded, for every twenty miles of the distance, which such person must necessarily travel in so going and returning, over and above the time of attendance.

Salaries of judges.Sec. 41. And be it further enacted, That each of the circuit judges of the United States, to be appointed by virtue of this act, shall be allowed as a compensation for his services, an annual salary of two thousand dollars, to be paid quarter-yearly at the treasury of the United States; except the judges of the sixth circuit, who shall be allowed the sum of fifteen hundred dollars each, to be paid in like manner; and that the salaries of the district judges of Kentucky and Tennessee shall be, and hereby are, severally augmented to the like sum of fifteen hundred dollars, annually, to be paid in like manner.

Approved, February 13, 1801.

Statute ⅠⅠ.

Feb. 18, 1801.
Chap. V.—An Act regulating the grants of land appropriated for the refugees from the British provinces of Canada and Nova Scotia.[1]

Survey of lands for the refugees from Canada, &c. to be made.Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the surveyor-general be, and he is hereby directed to cause those fractional townships of the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-first and twenty-second ranges of townships, which join the southern boundary line of the military lands, to be subdivided into half sections, containing three hundred and twenty acres each; and to return a survey and description of the same to the Secretary of the Treasury, on or before the first Monday of December next; and that the said lands be, and they are hereby set apart and reserved for the purpose of satisfying the claims of persons entitled to lands under the act, intituled