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xviii LIST OF THE PUBLIC ACTS OF CONGRESS. _ Pur Pennbns. An act to provide for persons who were disabled by known wounds received 3 6 in the revolutionary war. April 10, 1806.. . .. . ... . ... 7 Land Warrurntr. An act to authorize the Secretary of War to issue land warrants, and for other purposes. (Obsolete.) April 15, 1806. .. . ... . .. . . . 378 Public Lands in the State a Ohio and Indiana Territory. An lact to suspend the sale of certain lands in the gate of Ohio and the Indiana territory. (Obsolete.) April 15, 1806 378 Prohibition of the Importation of certain Goods and Merchandise jrom the Kingdom of Great Britain, ¤$·c. An act to prohibit the importation of certain goods, wares, and merchandise. 379 April 18, 1806 . ... .. . . ... Claims of Citizens ty the United States on the Government of France. Anluct supplementary to the act making provision for the payment of claims of citizens of the United States on the government of France. April 18, 1806 . 381 Authorizing the issuing of grants and Perfect Titles to certain Lands by the State tj Tennessee. An act to authorize the State of Tennessee to issue grants and perfect titles to certain lands therein described, and to settle the claims to the vacant and unappropriated lands within the same. April 18, 1806. . . .. . . 381 A Detachment oy the Imlitia ty' the United States to be organized, armed, and equipped. An act authorizing a detachment from the militia of the United States. April 18, 1806.. . 383 Appropriations for the Support of Government. An act making appropriations for the support of government for the year one thousand eight hundred and six. April 18, 1806. . . 384 Compensation of Witnesses on the Trial uy' the Impeachment ry Samuel Chase. An act making provision for the compensation of witnesses who attended the trial of the impeachment of Samuel Chase. April 21, 1806 .. . ... 389 Naval Peace Establishment. An act in addition to an act entitled "An act supplementary to the act (providing for a naval peace establishment, and for other purposes." April 390 21. 180 . .. . .. . .. Courts of the United States in the District of Columbia. An act for the regulation of the times of holding the courts of the District of Columbia, and for other purposes. April 21, 390 1806 . . . . Duties on Merchandise. An act continuing in force for a further time the iirst section of the act entitled “An act further to protect the commerce and seamen of the Un1ted States against the Barbary powers." (Obsolete.) April 21, 1806 ... ... .. 391 Title: to land in the Territory ty" Orleans and District of Louisiana. An act supplementary to an act entitled “An act for ascertaining and adjusting the titles and claims to land within the territory of Orleans and the district of Louisiana." April 21, 1806. . 391 Lund in the Indiana Territory and in the State of Ohio. An act respecting the claims to land in the Indiana territory and State of Ohio. April 21, 1806 . ... 395 Compensationo Clerks. Roads rom Athens, in Geor `a, to New Orleans. An act to re ulate 6* . . g . and Hx the compensation of clerks, and to authorize the laying out certam public roads; and for other purposes. April 21, 1806. ... . .. 396 Apprqrriatiom for the Support of the Navy. An act making appropriations for the support of the navy of the United States, during the year one thousand eight hundred and six. April 21, 1806 . . . . . ... . .. 398 Lund Title: in Detroit, Qc. An act to provide for the adjustment of titles of land in the town of Detroit and territory of Michigan, and for other purposes. April 21, 1806 .. 898

 for completing the South Wing of the Capitol. An act making a further approprmtion towards completing the south wing of the capitol, at the city of Washmgton. April 21, 1806 .,.. . ... . .. . .. 399

Collectvbn of Dutm on Imports and Tonnage. An act to amend, in the cases therein mentioned, gig); Act. to regulate the collection of duties on imports and tonnage." April 21,

. ... . ... . ... 399

Public Land Sowtltiy the Stole of Tennessee. An act in addition to an act entitled “An act regplating the grants of land and providing for the disposal of the lands of the United States, south of the State of Tennessee." April 21, 1806. . . 400 Fortifying the Porta and Harbours of the United Staten, and building Gun Boats. An act for fornfying the ports and harbours of the United States, and for building gun boats. April 2l,1806. ... .. ... .. .. . . 402