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xxii LIST OF THE PUBLIC ACTS OF CONGRESS. , P·z• cme: o the Impeachment of Samuel Chase. An act to provide for the payment of certain Exp exnfcnses incurred in the impeachment of Samuel Chase. (Obsolete.) Jan. 2l,·180S. 456 S lao the o vers o Government. An act to continue in force for a lirmted time an act a mscxiiitledii An {ct continuing for a limited time the salaries of the officers of govern- ment therein mentioned? (Obsolete.) Jan. 27, 1808. . . . . . ... . . . 56 Brzklge over the River Potomac. An act authorizing the erection of a bridge over the river Potomac, within the District of Columbia. Feb. 5, 1808 .. 57 Light-houu on Poht Judith. An act to erect a light-house on Point Judith, in the State of Rhode Island. Feb. 10, 1808. 462 propnh Hom or the try' Government. An act mcking appropriations for the support Ap of govéfmmengtiitpriitg the year one thousand exght hundred and eight. (Obsolete.) Feb. 10, 1808... .. ... 482

 the Support ¢y"the Navy. An act making appropriations for the support

of the xi-:1y of the United States during the year one thousand exght hundred and eight, (Obsolete.) Feb. 10, 1808 ... . ... , ... 466 District of Columbia. An act to revive and continue certain causes and proceedings in the District Court of the District of Columbm. (Obsolete.) Feb. 10, 1808 ... 457 Jmrrmriationa for carrying into Eject certain Indian Treaties. An act making appropriations for carrying into eifect certain Indian treaties. (Obsolete.) Feb. 19, 1808 . . . . 467 Expense: of the Inquiry into the Conduct of John Smith, a Senator from Store cj Ohta. An act to provide for the payment of certain expenses incurred in the mqmry into the conduct of John Smith, a Senator from the State of Ohio. (Obsolete.) Feb. 19, 1808. 468 .ddd€tionaZCo1ra;1¢naat€on to the Marshals oy' North Carolina and New hrsey. An act making additional compensation to the marshals for the districts of North Carolina, and New Jersey. Feb. 25, 1808. ... . .. ... . ... 468 Exlcnuinméf the Right Y Sufragc in the Indiana Territory. An act extending the right of su rage in the ndiana territory. (Obsolete.) Feb. 26, 1808. . 469 Supplement to the New Importation Aot. An act supplementary to the act entitled “An act to prohibit the importation of certain goods, wares, and merchandise." (Obsolete.) Feb. 27, 1808 . 469 Public Lands. An act making further provisions for the disposal of the sections of land heretofore reserved for the future disposition of Congress. Feb. 29, 1808. . . .. 470 r rmtwns or the t nary sta ts ment. n act ma mg appropmmons or t c su crt .dppop`h MT E bl`h A k f h pp of the military establishment of the United States, for the year one thousand eight hundred and etght. (Obsolete.) March 3, 1808 . .. .. . . ... 470 Importation of C'opp¢r, Salzpetrc, and Sulphur pee of Duty. An act to allow the importation cf old copper, saltpetre, and sulphur free of duty. March 4, 1808.. . . . . . . . 471 Judicial System ¢y"the United Slate:. An actin further addition to an act entitled “An act to amend the judicial system of the United States." March 9, 1808. . 471 Terms of Credit on Revenue Bond: extended. An act for extending the terms of credit on revenue bonds m certain cases, aud for other purposes. (Obsolete.) March 10, 1808. 471 Purchase <y’ Arm, Saltpme, and Suhzhur. An act for procuring an additional number of arms, and for the purchase of saltpetrc and sulphur. (Obsolete.) March 11, 1808 .. 473 Embargo. An act in addition to the act entitled “An act supplementary to the act entitled ‘An act laying an embargo on all ships and vessels in the ports and harbours of the United States.' " (Repealed.) March 12, 1808 . . . 473 Duties remitted on a Monument in Memory of the Opium ty the Navy who jill during the Attack on Tnpoli. An act remitting the duties payable on the importation of a monument to be erected m memory of the officers of the United States navy, who fell during the uggclnxnage on the cigyigggripoli, in the year one thousand eight hundred and four. so e e. arc , . . . . . 476 Light-house am Sapelo, Beacons, and Buoys near Darten, Ipswich, Plymouth, Tuckanuok, and Qrcat Egg Harbour. An act for erecting a light-house on the south point of the rslund of Supelo, and for placing buois and beacons in the shoals of the inlet leeding to the town of'Dar1en, and near the entrance of Ipswich harbour,neur Plymouth ha.rbour,before the harbour of1fI¤ntucket,nnd on the rshmdof Tuckanuck, at or near the entrance of Connecticut raver, and near the entrance of Great Egg Harbour river. March 17, 1808. . .. ... .. 476