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Sum retained on Drawbacks in lieu of Stamp Duties. An act to retain a further sum on drawbacks, for the expenses incident to the allowance and payment thereof, and in lieu of stamp duties on debentures. (Obsolete.)May 13, 1800.
Authorizing Expenditures and making Appropriations. An act to authorize certain expenditures, and to make certain appropriations for the year one thousand eight hundred. (Obsolete.)May 13, 1800.
Duties on Merchandise imported. An act to lay additional duties on certain articles imported. (Obsolete.)May 13, 1800.
Meeting of Congress. An act appointing the time and directing the place of the next meeting of Congress. (Obsolete.)May 13, 1800.
Provision for Rations for Indians and for their Visits to the Seat of Government. An act to make provision relative to rations for Indians and to their visits to the seat of government.May 13, 1800.
Army of the United States. An act supplementary to the act to suspend part of an act, entitled “An act to augment the army of the United States, and for other purposes.” (Obsolete.)May 14, 1800.
Mint. An act supplementary to the act establishing the mint, and regulating the coins of the United States. (Obsolete.)May 14, 1800.


1. Relative to the death of General Washington.Dec. 24, 1799.
2. Relative to the death of General Washington.Jan. 6, 1800.
3. Laws of the United States for North Carolina to be transmitted to the governor.Feb. 3, 1800.
4. In honour of Captain Truxton, &c.March 29, 1800.
5. Resolution respecting the copper mines on the south side of Lake Superior.April 16, 1800.

STATUTE Ⅱ.—1800, 1801.

Franking Privilege. An act extending the privilege of franking letters to the delegate from the territory of the United States, northwest of the river Ohio, and making provision for his compensation. (Obsolete.)Dec. 15, 1800.
Light-house on Cape Poge. An act to provide for the erection and support of a light-house on Cape Poge at the north-easterly part of Martha’s Vineyard.Jan. 30, 1801.
Courts of the United States. An act to provide for the more convenient organization of the Courts of the United States. (Repealed.)Feb. 13, 1801.
Lands granted to the Refugees from Canada and Nova Scotia. An act regulating the grants of land appropriated for the refugees from the British provinces of Canada and Nova Scotia.Feb. 18, 1801.
Ports of Biddeford and Pepperrellborough and New Bedford. An act making the port of Biddeford and Pepperrellborough and the port of New Bedford, in Massachusetts, ports of entry for ships or vessels, arriving from the Cape of Good Hope, and from placed beyond the same.Feb. 18, 1801.
District of Bristol, &c.. An act to establish the district of Bristol, and to annex the towns of Kittery and Berwick to the district of Portsmouth.Feb. 25, 1801.
Franking Privilege to John Adams. An act freeing from postage all letters and packets to John Adams.Feb. 25, 1801.
Duties on Licenses for selling Wines, &c.. An act to continue in force the acts laying duties on licenses for selling wines, and foreign distilled spirits by retail, and so much of the act laying certain duties on snuff and refined sugar as respects a duty on refined sugar, on property sold at auction, and on carriages for the conveyance of persons. (Repealed.)Feb. 25, 1801.
Consent of Congress to an Act of Maryland for the Appointment of a Health Officer. An act declaring the consent of Congress to an act of the State of Maryland passed the twenty-eighth day of December, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three, for the appointment of a health officer. (Expired.)Feb. 27, 1801.