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794 TWELFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. I4, 16. IBIS. Survrn II. Jan. 27, 1813. CHAP. XIV.-An Jkt authorizing the admission, under certain circumsizznces, rf "*`”*· vessel.; uwned by citizens if I/te United Stale.: of dmericu, with their cargoes, [Obsolete_] from Brilish paris beyond the Cape af Gund Have. cams import. Be it enacted by the Senate and 1{ousc aflhpresentatives <y"the United sgdlnéfjsgs ,1:31- Swles J America in Congress assembled, That in all cases where B,m;h‘p0r,s bg goods, wares and merchandise, bona fide the property of a cmzen or youd tha Cape citizens of the United States, have been imported into the United States °*i G°°d H°P¤ from British ports beyond the Cape of Good Hope, {br the cargoes of giliinpt mm which vessels’b0nds have been required, at the port or place of shipment from, and have been given by the owners, agents, consignecs, or supercargoes of such vessels, that the cargoes thereof shall be delivered or landed at some port or place in the United States; and the person or sae not orAp.·n persons interested in such goods, wares or merchandise, or concerned 14. 18M·»¢h-66- in the importation thereof, have incurred thereby any fine, penalty and finfeiture, or have delivered the same into the possession or custody of the United States, on such persona petitioning for relief to any judge or court proper to hear the same, in pursuance of the provisions of the act, enti- 1797, ch. 13. tied "An act to provide finr mitigating and remitting the Bucs, forfeitures and penalties, in certain cases therein mentioned g" and on the fitcts being shown, on inquiry had by said judge or court, stated and transmitted as by said act is required, to the Secretary of the Treasury; Wh¤¤ tv be in all such cases wherein it shall be proved, to his satisfaction, that said ’°l°°°°d‘ nods, wares and merchandise, at the time of their shipment, were bona Erie owned by a citizen or citizens of the United States, and thr the landing or delivery of which, at some port or place in the United States, bonds were required and given as aforesaid, the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby directed to remit all fines, penalties and li¤rfeitures, which may have been incurred in consequence of such shipment, importation or importations, to deliver up possession of the said vessels, goods, wares and merchandise, to the owner or owners thereof, upon the costs and charges that have arisen or may arise being paid, and the duties payable on such goods, wares and merchandise, or which would have been pay- able if they had been legally imported, being paid or secured to be paid according to law, as if the same had been imported and entered at the time of the release thereof; and also to direct the prosecution or prosecutions, if any shall have been instituted for the recovery of such lines, Proviso. penalties, and. fbrfeitures, to cease and be discontinued: Provided, that nothing in this act contained shall extend or be construed to extend to a remission of or exemption from any fine, penalty or forfeiture which has been or may be incurred for a breach of any law or laws of the United States other than such as prohibit the admission into the United States of goods, wares and merchandise, imported as aforesaid. A1>x>n0vm>, January 27, 1813. S·rA·rvu: II. ..1 Jun. 29. 1813- CuA1·.XVI.-An Act in addition to the acl cntifled “An acl ta raise an additional [Obsolete.] mzlztary furcc," and for utherpurpascs. _Adrlitional re- Be it marred by the Senate and House of Rrp2·csc1ttatives of the United Eggggu ‘° *’° States nf America in Cvngwss assembled, That in addition to the pre- A¤farJamm- sent military establishment of the United States, there be raised such ry 11, 1812. ¤h· number of regiments ofinfitntry, not exceeding twenty, as in the opinion 1*,ct°,.JMma_ of the President may be necessary for the public service, to be enlisted ry 14, 1:312, ch, for the term of one year, unless sooner discharged. 16. _ Sec. 2. Am! be it farther enacted, That ech of the said regiments pn?,:"??"?,?; shall consist of one colonel, one lieutenant colonel, two majors, one ad— ,,°8,,,,,,,“,_ Jntant, one paymaster, one quartermaster, one surgeon, two surgeons’ mates, one sergeant major, one quartermaster sergeant, two principal musicians, and ten companies.