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110 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 181. 1878. the different; formations, for daily use in section-rooms, and for gradual increase of the cabinet, five hundred dollars; repairs and additions to electric, galvanic, magnetic, electromagnetic, magneto-electric, pneumatic, and thermic apparatus, and apparatus illustrating optical properties of substances, six hundred dollars. For pay of mechanic employed in chemical and geological sectionrooms and in lecture-room, one thousand dollars; models and diagrams, books of reference, textbooks, and stationery for the use of instructors, one hundred dollars. Department of For department of natural and experimental philosophy: For addi- ";°“""l Pl“l°*’°' tions to the apparatus to illustrate the laws in mechanics, optics, and P y' acoustics, one thousand dollars; books of reference, text books, repairs, and materials, four hundred dollars; for pay of mechanic, one thousand o ars. For purchase of driving-clock for the equatorial, eight hundred dollars. Department of For department of practical military engineering: For mining mate- £:”°*'°“l°“€‘“°°"‘ rials and for profiling; telegraphing and signaling materials; drawing g' materials, stationery, and text books; and repairs of instruments, two hundred dollars. Department of For department of French: For textbooks and stationery for the use F’“°h· of instructors, books of reference, and for printing examination-papers, one hundred dollars. Department er For department of Spanish : For text books and stationery for the use SP°“' h- of instructors, forty dollars. Department or For department of law: For text books and stationery and books of hw- reference for the use of instructors, three hundred and sixty-eight dollars. Department of For department of ordnance and gnnnery: For books of reference <¤d¤¤¤<=¤, ¤f¢=· and text books for instructors, forty dollars. For constructing timber frames on piles to support iron targets for cadet rifle-practice, one hundred dollars. For keeping in repair instrument and tiring houses, sixty dollars. Department or For department of drawing: For various articles most necessary for d'*“"¤8· the course of topographical drawing, two hundred and fifty dollars For department of history, geography, and ethics, twenty-five dollars. BoardofVisitors. For expenses of the Board of Visitors, including mileage, three thou- E=¢1¤°’**¢‘* 0.6 hw sand dollars: Provided, That hereafter the expenses allowed by section }""d‘ thirteen hundred and twenty-nine of the Revised Statutes shall be paid R‘S‘ 1329’p‘226‘ as follows: each member of the Board of Visitors shall receive not exceeding eight cents per mile for each mile traveled by the most direct route from his residence to West Point and return, and shall in addition receive five dollars per day for expenses during each day of his service at West Point. Contingent ex. For miscellaneous and contingent expenses: For gas-coal, oil, candles, Pensee. matches, and wicking for lighting the academy, cadet-barracks, messhall, shops, hospital, offices, stable, and sidewalks, three thousand ive hundred dollars; water-pipes, plumbing, and repairs, one thousand tive hundred dollars; cleaning public buildings (not quarters), five hundred dollars; brooms, brushes, pails, tubs, soap, and cloths, two hundred dollars; chalk, crayon, sponge, slate, and rubbers for recitation -rooms, one hundred dollars; compensation of chapel-organist, two hundred dollars; compensation of librarian, one hundred and twenty dollars; pay of engineer of heating and ventilating apparatus for the academic building, the cadet-barracks, chapel, and philosophical building, including the library, one thousand two hundred dollars; pay of assistant of same, seven hundred and twenty dollars; pay of five firemen, two thousand two hundred dollars; increase and expense of the library, books, magazines, periodicals, and completing printing and binding of catalogues, one thousand dollars. sisI;;l;1:¤ri¤¤’¤ M- For pay of 1ibrarian’s assistant, one thousand dollars. Cadet hospital. For furniture for cadet-hospital, one hundred dollars.