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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 181, 182, 183. 1878. 111 For new stone irontpintle platform for fifteen-inch gun, nine hundred S<>¤—c¤¤¤|> butand fifty dollars. ****5* For carpets for adjuta.nt’s office, eighty dollars. Buildings and grounds: For repairing roads and paths, hve hundred Buildings Mid dollars. g¤>¤¤d¤· For completing the walls and putting on the roof of the new hospital Cadet hospital. for cadets, twelve thousand dollars; to be available immediately. For completing system of sewerage, thirteen thousand two hundred Sewerage. and fifty dollars. For repairing cadcts’ hath-room, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. SEC 2. That appointments of civilians, except such as are regular Appointment of graduates of the United States Military Academy who have been hon- ¢‘*>W¢*•¤ in Army- orably discharged from the service, to be second lieutenants in any of the regiments of the Army, shall be made in time of peace only when more vacancies exist in the Army than will be required in the assignment of the next graduating class of cadets at the United States Military Academy: Provided, Nothing herein shall prevent the appointment for Promo. at commission in the Army of meritorious non-commissioned omcers or private soldiers. Sec. 3. That from and after July first, eighteen hundred and eighty- Appointment of two, only such number of the graduates of the United States Military yr¤d¤¤¢evav2dliew Academy in any one year shall be entitled to appointment as second "’"“""· lieutenants in the Army as are required to till vacancies of that grade existing on the first day of July in each year; those entitled to appointment to said vacancies to be determined by the academic board on the basis of their standing in the graduating class. And hereafter no super- Supernumera»·y.#'- numei any officers shall he attached to any company or corps of the Army, Jl°°"· and all graduates of the Military Academy who are not appointed to the Army under the provisions of this act shall he discharged upon the graduation of their class. Sec. 4. That the cadets at large at the Military Academy shall not Cadets atlaryc. hereafter exceed ten in all, and no new appointments at large shall be made until the number of such cadets heretofore appointed falls below ten. But this provision shall not be held to require the discharge of any cadet heretofore appointed Approved, June 11, 1878. CHAP. 182.-An act to change the time for holding terms of the district court for June 11, 1878. the western district of Virginia at Danville. ————— · Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0] Representatives 0] the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the regular terms of the _Di9tfi¤¤ <=<>¤rt¤ district court in the western district ot Virginia, at Danville, sha.ll be V);§;‘;:;n wcmm held on the Tuesday after the fourth Monday in February, and on the dismcu fifteenth day of November ; but if said lastmentioued day shall fall on Sunday, the term shall commence on the following day. Sec. 2. So much of section five hundred and seventy-two of the Re- R- S- 522, p. 100, vised Statutes as conflicts with this act is hereby repealed. ’°P°“1°d"“ Pm- Approved, June 11, 1878. CHAP. 183.-An not fixing the time for holding the election for Representatives to June 11, 1878. the Forty-sixth Congress of the United States in and for the State of California. ‘-_—";"_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0] Representatives 0] the United _ _ States of America in Congress assembled, That the election for Repro- t_C¤l¤tf<>f¤¤¤, 615+ tatives to the Forty sixth Congress of the United States in and for the t;‘;';S°,DT°p’°“°“ “' State of California shall be had and held in said State at the general election to be held in said State on the first Wednesday of September, anno Domini eighteen hundred and seventynine, any law now in force to the contrary notwithstanding. Approved, June 11, 1878.