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122 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 101. 1878. Civil establish- To supply a dedcieucy in the appropriation for the civil establishment “"’”‘¤ "'"Y‘Y‘"d“· of the several navy-yards, for the iiscal year ending June thirtieth eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, eighty-one thousand six hundred and twenty-seven dollars and twenty-eight cents. Deficiencies in For the dehciencies in the appropriations for the naval service, which ”“"“1°°"”°°· have been favorably reported upon unanimously by the Committee on Expenditures in the Navy Department, the following sums are hereby appropriated, namely: _ Steam engineer- In the Bureau of Steam-Engineerin g: To American Steam-Gauge WK- Company, twenty dollars and fifty cents; to William H. Arthur and Company, one hundred and ninety-two dollars and thirty cents; to Atlantic Works, one thousand four hundred and thirteen dollars and forty- four cents; to Adams Express Company, two dollars and thirty-five cents; to Stillman B. Allen, four hundred and fifty dollars; to Boston Lead Company, ninety-fave dollars; to George F. Blake Manufacturing Company, two hundred and twenty-five dollars; to Benner and Pinckuey, twenty-six dollars and fifty cents; to Cook, Rymes and Company, fourteen dollars; to Coast Wrecking Company, eventy-tive dollars; to M. A. Campbell, one hundred and eight dollars and sixty cents; to C. H. De Lamater and Company, seventy-two thousand two hundred and thirteen dollars and seven cents; to Downie, Trainer and Company, sixty-nine dollars and ei ghty-eight cents; to F. W. Devoe and Company, one hundred and twenty-two dollars and fifty cents; to Richard Dudgeon, six hundred and ninety-three dollars and eighty-sixcents; to William P. Eddy, four dollars and forty-two cents; to Eastern Railroad Company, eleven dollars and ninety cents; to George E. Hanson, eighty- three dollars; to H. H. Ham, three dollars and fifty cents; to Fabri Chauncey and Company and others, for whom J. D. Hnrlbut and Son were ship-brokers, four thousand thirty-one dollars and nineteen cents; to John Mnllett, twenty-ilve dollars and seventy-five cents; to A. A. McCullough, two hundred and seventy-one dollars and forty-tour cents; to Manhattan Packing Company, seven hundred and nineteen dollars and seventy-tive cents; to Neahe and Levy, forty-five thousand two hundred and eighteen dollars and sixty-four cents; to Old 1)ominion Steamship Company, twenty-nine dollars and ninety-two cents; to Philadelphia and New York Steam Navigation Company, two dollars and twelve cents; to Rider and Colton, one hundred and six dollars and fifty-eight cents; to Francis Raymond, four dollars and seventy cents; to Sutton and Company, four thousand seven hundred and forty-five dollars and seventy-nine cents; to Thomas M. Shepherd, one hundred and thirty dollars; to Twitchell, Pike and Company, eighteen dollars; to E. V. White and Company, one hundred and iitty-two dollars and fifty-eight cents; to E. M. Whittaker and Son, four hundred and fourteen dollars and fifty-nine cents; to C. C. Wallcott, eight hundred and seventy-six dollars and seventy-one cents; to George H. Creed, twenty- one dollars and seventy-five cents; to Charles W. Cottle, fifty-four dollars and eighty-seven cents; to Mercer Goodrich, one dollar and fifty-eight cents ; to Pacino Mail Steamship Company, seven hundred and thirty-three dollars and ninety-five cents; to Pratt and Whitney Company, twenty- two thousand seven hundred and thirty-nine dollars and ninety-three cents; to M. A. and C. A. Santos, twenty-nine dollars and seventy-tive cents; to Vickery and Company, one hundred and nine dollars and thirty cents; to Harlan and Hollingsworth Company, eighty-four thousand one hundred and thirty-six dollars and thirty-nine cents; to T. F. Rowland, forty-seven thousand four hundred and twenty-eight dollars and twenty-five cents; to Qnintard Iron Works, one hundred and sixteen thousand three hundred and eighty-four dollars and twenty cents; to Quintard Iron Works, paid to Ashcroft. five thousand dollars; to Quiutard Iron Works, raid to Murphy and Company, three hundred and one dollars and sixty-six cents; to William Cramp and Sons, sixty-six thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars; to C. F. Hatch, fifty-four dollars and fifty cents; to American Tube Works, seven thousand and fifty-