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FORTY-FIFTI1 CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 191. 1878. 123 nine dollars and seventy-five cents ; to E. H. Ashcroft, six hundred and twenty-five dollars; to A. P. Brown, fifty-one thousand eight hundred and forty-six dollars and thirtyeight cents; to D. Babcock and Company, six thousand four hundred and sixty-four dollars and ninety-three cents; to Chalmers, Spence and Company, one thousand two hundred and forty-three dollars and seventy-three cents; to G. P. Got}, eight thousand two hundred and sixtyfive dollars and forty cents; A. M. Ingersoll, thirteen thousand one hundred and fiftysix dollars and fifty cents; to Manhattan Oil Company, sixteen thousand eight hundred and eighty-three dollars and fiftysix cents; to W. A. Torrey and Company, thirty-six thousand five hundred and twenty-one dollars and seventy- two cents; YValton Brothers, eight thousand six hundred and ninety- four dollars and sixtythree cents; to James M. Motley, four thousand three hundred and twenty dollars; to Providence Steam-Engine Company, two hundred and eightyeight thousand one hundred and eighty- seven dollars and twenty-two cents; to John Roach, three hundred and twenty-three thousand one hundred and thirty-nine dollars and fifty cents; to South Boston Iron Company, one hundred and eighty-one thousand and forty-nine dollars and sixty-four cents; in all, one million four hundred and twenty-three thousand eight hundred and seventy-six dollars and sixty-seven cents. In the Bureau of Construction and Repair: To Anthony and Company, Constr u e t io n one hundred and twenty-twodollarsand thirty cents; to Bridgewater Iron aud repair- Company, fifty-two dollars; to Phineas Burgess, one hundred and ninety- eight thousand two hundred and thirty-two dollars and thirty cents; to W. Cramp and Sons, eightytwothousand seven hundred and forty-tourdollars and fifty-tlvecents; to C. M. Chase, iorty-tive dollars and ten cents; to Harlan and Hollingsworth Company, two hundred and thirty-four thousand nine hundred and thirtynine dollars and thirty-four cents; toJ. L. Knowlton, fourthousand three hundred dollars; to Joseph P. Manton, five thousand nine hundred dollars; to Phelps Manufacturing Company, three hundred and thirty-tour dollars and sixty cents; to T. F. Rowland, thirteen thousand eight hundred and ninety-eight dollars and ninety- six cents; to Rider and Cotton, one hundred and eighty-four dollars and seventy-seven cents; to M. A. and C. A. Santos, one hundred and fifty- five dollars; to S. A. Stevens and Company, one hundred and thirty-one dollars and sixty-nine cents; to Tatham Brothers, one hundred and twentyeight dollars and forty-three cents; to W. A. Torry, seventy-six dollars; to Taylor, Elliot and Company, eighty-nine dollars and ninety- seven cents; to Walton Brothers, eighteen dollars; to E. V. White and Company, three hundred and fifty-one dollars and seventy-eight cents; to J. K. Frothingham, one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; to W. B. Reamy, four hundred dollars; to Nealie and Levy, fifteen thousand dollars; to J. W. Baker, one hundred and ninety-six dollars and thirtyeight cents; G. H. Creed, eight hundred and four dollars and tive cents; G. P. Goff, five hundred and eighty-five dollars and fifty- two cents; H. W. Gardner, thirteen thousand one hundred dollars; N. McKay, six thousand nine hundred dollars; John Roach, two hundred and ninetydive thousand three hundred and eighteen dollars and eighty-nine cents; Seyfert McManus and Company, nineteen thousand six hundred and seventy-four dollars and ninetytwo cents ; American Windlass Company, six thousand two hundred dollars; A. M. Ingersoll, fifteen thousand dollars; Joseph P. Manton, fifteen thousand dollars; amounting, in all, to nine hundred and thirty-one thousand one hundred and thirty-tour dollars and fifty-ve cents; also for timber, four hundred and sixteen thousand three hundred and nineteen dollars and thirty-two cents, or so much thereof as may be necessary; said timber to be paid for at no greater rate than the market price at date ot contract or order, after the most rigid inspection. Bureau of Provisions and Clothing: To J. W. Jones. twenty-four Provisions and thousand eight hundred dollars and eighty-five cents; to Hunter, Wzil- c10n,mg_ ton and Company, eight thousand two hundred and lorty-eight dollars