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154 noarv-FIFTH oononnss. Sess. 11. ou. 264. 1878. Mi¤=¤<>¤¤iRiV•‘>¤- For improving the Missouri River, opposite or near Saint Joseph, Missouri, fifty thousand dollars. Rod River. For improving mouth of Red River, Louisiana, one hundred and nity thousand dollars. Pocomoke River. For removing obstructions in Pocomoke River, Maryland, ten thousand dollars. Missouri River. For the improvement of the Missouri River at Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska, nfty thousand dollars. Missouri River. For improving the Missouri River, at Nebraska City, Nebraska, twenty thousand dollars. L’Augui11o River. For improvement of L’Anguille River, Arkansas, ten thousand dollars. Mississippimver. For removing bar in Mississippi River, opposite Dubuque, Iowa, ten thousand dollars. Burlington. For improving Rush Chute and the harbor of Burlington, Iowa, ten thousand dollars. Fort Madison. For improving harbor at Fort Madison, Iowa, eight thousand dollars. Ro e k I s1 a u d For improving Rock Island Rapids, Mississippi River, thirty thousand R“P‘flS·_ _ dollars. I Ul“”_°‘$ R{"“f· For improving Illinois River, seventy-tive thousand dollars. M'”‘”‘PP*R“’"~ For the improvement of the Mississippi River, between the mouths of the Ohio and Illinois Rivers, two hundred and forty thousand dollars; of which sum twenty thousand dollars shall be expended between the mouths of the Illinois and Missouri Rivers; seventy-tive thousand dollars for constructing dam at Cahokia Chute, opposite Saint Louis; forty thousand dollars between the ioot of Dickey’s Island and the mouth ot' the Ohio River; and ten thousand dollars between Islands Numbers Fourteen and Fifteen, near the town of Kaskaskia, Illinois. RW} RWM`- For removing snags and other obstructions from Red River, Louisania, twent.y five thousand dollars. Mlswlfi Riwf- For the improvement of the Missouri River above the mouth of the Yellowstone, thirty thousand dollars. MiS¤lS¤iPPiRiV€1‘· For the improvement of the Mississippi River: Widening and deepening the channel from Saint Paul to Des Moines Rapids, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. MlS¤l¤¤iPI>lRiV¢f- For widening and deepening the channel of the Mississippi River from Des Moines Rapids to the mouth of the Ohio, one hundred thousand dollars. Mobile H=~¤b<>¥· For the improvement of Mobile Harbor, ten thousand dollars, to be applied to making tests, surveys, and borings to determine whether the ship-channel now leading from the lower anchorage in Mobile Bay can be deepened so as to admit vessels drawing twenty-two feet, or any less draught above thirteen feet, to the wharves at the city of Mobile. _C¤ mberlan d For the improvement of Cumberland River above Nashville, Tennes- R“'°‘· see, sixty thousand dollars; of which sum twenty thousand dollars shall be expended between Nashville and the Kentucky line; thence to the toot of Smith’s Shoals, eight thousand dollars; and for Smith’s Shoals, thirty thousand dollars; thence to the falls of the Cumberland, two _ _ thousand dollars. M‘““"f’°*‘* R“’°"· For improving Minnesota River, ten thousand dollars. Red R“'°*‘· For improving Red River of the North, Minnesota, thirty thousand dollars. T<>¤¤¤¤¤<><> River- For improving Tennessee River: Continuing operations above Chattanooga, fifteen thousand dollars; continuing operations below Chattanooga, including Muscle Shoals, three hundred thousand dollars; fifteen thousand dollars of which sum, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be expended in the improvement of Duck River Shoals, on Tennessee River. _C u mb 0 r 1 a nd For improving Cumberland River, below Nashville, Tennessee, forty- R“"°'· five thousand dollars. Coosa Riva; For improving Coosa River, between Rome, Georgia, and the Selma, Rome and Dalton Railraod bridge, Alabama, seventy-five thousand dollars.