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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 264. 1878. 155 For improving Hiawassee River, Tennessee, ten thousand dollars. HiawassecRiver. For improving Ocmulgee River, Georgia, fifteen thousand dollars. Oemulgee River. For improving Oostenaula and Coosawattee Rivers, Georgia, four Oostenonio and thousand dollars. fégygrz it W ¤ t ¤ o o For improving Little Kanawha River, West Virginia, eighteen thou- _Litt1e Kanawha sand dollars. RWM`- For improving \Vabash River, Indiana, fifty thousand dollars. Wabash River. l·`or dredging Superior Bay, Wisr·onsin : Improving natural entrance Superior Bay. to Superior Bay, three thousand dollars; continuing improvement oi the harbor of Duluth, thirty thousand dollars. For improving harbor at Ontonagon, Michigan, fifteen thousand Outonagon. tlOllul‘S. For improving Eagle Harbor, Michigan, eight thousand dollars. Engle Harbor- For improving harbor at Marquette, Michigan, two thousand dollars. Marquette. For improving harbor at Menomonee, Wisconsin, ten thousand dollars. Menomonee. For improving harbor at Green Bay, Wiscozisin, five thousand dollars. Green Bay. For improving harbor of refuge, entrance at Sturgeon Bay Canal, Sturgeon Bay. thirty thousand dollars. . For improving harbor at Ahnapee, Wisconsin, eight thousand dollars. Ahnapse. For improving harbor at Two Rivers, \Visconsin, ten thousand dollars. Two Rivers. For improving harbor at Manitowoc, Wisconsin, fifteen thousand Manitowoc. dollars. For improving harbor at Sheboygan, Wisconsin. four thousand dollars. Sheboygan. For improving harbor at Port Washington, Wiscoiisin, five thousand t Port Washingdollars. °¤· For improving the Mississippi River, from the bridge of the Chicago, Mis s i s sip pi Milwaukee and Saint Paul Railroad Company above La Crosse, Wis- RiV°¤`· cousin, to the mouth of Root River, below said city, twelve thousand five hundred dollars. For improving and deepening the channel of the Ohio River, including Ohio River. the removal of snags, wrecks, and so forth, from Pittsburgh to its mouth, three hundred thousand dollars; of which sum fifty thousand dollars shall be expended at Grand Chain for removal of obstructions and deepening the channel at that point. For the construction of a harbor or harbors of refuge, at or near Cin· Cincinnati. cinnati, to protect the commerce of the Ohio River from does of ice, fifty thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction aud control ot' the Engineer Corps of the Army. For improvement of the harbor at New Orleans, Louisiana, including New Orleans. cost of surveys and estimates fifty thousand dollars. For the improvement of Monongahela River, West Virginia and Penn- Mon ongnh el:. sylvania, to be expended in completing lock and dam at H0ard’s Rocks, Rivw twenty-five thousand dollars. For the improvement of harbor at Michigan City, Indiana, seventy- Miohigou City- five thousand dollars; of which sum twenty-tive thousand dollars shall be expended for the improvement of the inner harbor. For the improvement of Gut opposite Bath, Maine, seventeen thousand Bothdollars. For the improvement of Waddington Harbor, New York, five thou- Waddington Sami tinnsrs. Heber- For the improvement of Oakland Harbor, California., eighty thousand 0“kl"·“d H‘“`b°'· dollars; but this sum shall not be available until the right of the United States to the bed of the estuary and training walls of this work is secured, free of expense to the government, in a. manner satisfactory to the Secretary of War. _ For improving harbor at Milwaukee, Wisconsini, fifteen thousand M'lW°”k°°- dollars. For improving harbor at Racine, Wisconsin, ten thousand dollars. R*=*°l¤°· For improving harbor at Kenosha, Wisconsin, eight thousand dollar . K**¤°¤h¤- For removing wrecks and other obstructions to navigation at Brazos BF¤¤°¤ S¤¤*i¤g<>· Santiago, Texas, six thousand dollars.