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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 264. 1878. 157 For the improvement of the harbor and the Mississippi River at Mem- Momphis. phis, Tennessee, forty-six thousand dollars. For the improvement of Elk River, lVest Virginia, five thousand dol- Elk River. l31'S. Pos!, 370. I For improving harbor at Sandusky City, Ohio, twenty thousand dol- Sandusky City. ars. For improving harbor at Huron, Ohio, one thousand dollars. Huron. For improving harbor at Vermillion, Ohio, four thousand dollars. Vermillion. For breakwater at Cleveland, Ohio, and repairs of harbor, one hundred Cleveland. thousand dollars. For improving harbor at Fairport, mouth of Grand River, Ohio, five Fairport. thousand dollars. For improving harbor at Ashtabula, Ohio, twelve thousand dollars. Ashtabula. d tier improving harbor at Erie, Pennsylvania, twenty-tive thousand Brio. 0 ars. For improving harbor at Buiihlo, New York, eighty thousand dollars. Buffalo. I For improving harbor at Oak Orchard, New York, two thousand dol- Oak Orchard. ars. For improving harbor at Charlotte, New York, one thousand dollars. Charlotte. 1 For improving harbor at Pultneyville, New York, tivo thousand dol- Pultneyville. ars. For improving harbor at Great Sodus Day, New York, five thousand Great SodusBay. dollars. Ollior improving harbor at Little Sodus Bay, New York, ten thousand Little SoilusBay. d ars. For improving harbor at Oswego, New York, ninety thousand dollars. O¤W¤s¤· For breakwater at Wilmington, California, twenty thousand dollars. Wi|¤¤i¤gt<>¤· For improving Sacramento and Feather Rivers, California, fifteen S¤¢=r¤¤=•=¤¢¤ and thousand dollars. F°°*h°' R"°'°· . For improving Lower Willamette and Columbia Rivers, from Port- L¤W¤1‘ Willsland, Oregon, to the sea, thirty thousand dollars. {,’;;°§§,:c';_g C°]“‘”‘ d Igor improving Upper Willamette River, Oregon, twenty thousand Uppeir Willa- 0] arg' IIIBIAZG i,lVCl'. For improving Upper Columbia River, including Snake River, twenty Upper Columbia thousand dollars. River- For constructing a canal around the Cascades of Columbia River, one Cascades. C <•- hundrul and fifty thousand dollars. 1“"’b‘“ I*"'°"· For the improvement of Big Sandy River, from Catlettsburg, Kentucky, Big Sandy Rivto the head of navigation, twelve thousand dollars. °"- For the improvement of the mouth of the Columbia River, Oregon, Columbia River. live thon and dollars, the same or so much thereof as may be necessary to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War -in making a thorough survey of the bar at the mouth of said river and in the preparation of a plan and estimates for its permanent improvelment; any balance to be used in the temporary improvement of said ar. For repairs of ice-harbor at Chester, Pennsylvania, three thousand Ch·‘=¤i=¢¤‘· four hundred dollars. For the improvement of the Oconee River, Georgia, ten thou and 0<=<>¤¤¤ Riverdollars; of which sum eight thousand dollars shall be expended between Dublin and the Central Railroad bridge, and two thou and dollars between Dublin and the Ocmulgee River. For the improvement of Galena River, Illinois, making a channel of Galona River. one hundred feet width, and the improvement, of the harbor of Galena, thirty thousand dollars. For the improvement of the Mississippi River at and near Vicksburg, Vicksburg. Mississippi, and protection of harbor at Vicksburg, Mississippi eighty- four thousand dollars. _ For improving the channel of Salem River, New Jersey, and remov- Smm R“'°'• ing obstructions in the Delaware River at the mouth of Salem River, three thousand dollars.