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162 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Un. 264. 1878. KM iss s gxé; and The Missouri and Kansas Rivers, at and near their junction; Trent River. The Trent River, North Carolina; Neuse River, Neuse River, from Smithheld to Goldsborough, North Carolina; Chowan River. Chowan River, North Carolina; Tai- River. The Tar River, North Carolina, from Washington to Tarborough; Humboldt River. Humboldt River, California, with a view to its adaptability as a harbor of refuge; Crescent cit y Crescent City Harbor, California, with a view to its adaptability as a Harbor- harbor of refuge; Reservoirs on The examination of the sources of the Mississippi River and of the Mississippi, St- Saint Croix River in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and of the Chippewa C"‘;’{;, .C'”PP‘;'Y‘*» and Wisconsin Rivers in the State of Wisconsin, to determine the ¥fQf,m_,_’ S ° °“ I D practicahility and cost of creating and maintaining reservoirs upon the headwaters of said rivers and their tributaries for the purpose of regulating the volume of water and improving the navigation of said rivers, and that of the Mississippi River, and an estimate of the damage to result therefrom to property of any kind ; Mus ki n gum The Muskingum River, Ohio, below the second dam, to ascertain its River- adaptability for an ice-harbor, for the protection of steamers and other craft on the Ohio River; WC<;lorado or the Colorado of the West from Fort Yuma to El Dorado Canon; BS • Kiskiminetas The Kiskimiuetas and Conemaugh Rivers, Pennsylvania, from the

  • £;l0§_?s<>¤¤¤¤¤¤Bh mouth] of the Kiskiminetas to the mouth of Stony Creek on the Cone-

‘ maug ; Allegheny River. The Allegheny River, up to the mouth of French Creek; Kankakee River. The Kankakee River, Illinois, and Indiana ; b0LincolnvilleHar- Liucolnville Harbor, Maine ; I`. Lubec Channel- Lubec Channel, Maine; ` Ape.ise1iieo1aBay Apalachicola Bay, Florida; East River. East River, New York, at its junction with Newtown Creek; Marylan d and The peninsula of Maryland and Delaware, with a view to a construc- £5k·#;*’a*=:;lP ° ¤ 1 “· tion of a ship-canal to connect the waters of the Delaware and Chesapeake ' Bays; Flvrids p¤¤i¤- The peninsulas of Florida with a view to the construction of a ship °"1"· °"“““r canal from the Saint Mary’s River to the Gulf of Mexico; Duck Creek. Duck Creek, Delaware; St.J<>1n¤’s River- The mouth of Saint J ohn’s River, Florida; Kansas River. The Kansas River from its mouth to Junction City, Kansas; Delawarekiver. The Delaware River below League Island; St.J<>1m’s River- For survey of the Saint J ohn’s River, Florida, between Lake George and Lake Monroe, and estimates of cost of deepening the Volusia Bar and straightening the river by cut-offs; Port Orfnrd- Port Orford, Oregon, to ascertain its adaptability for a harbor of refu e; Rogue River. Rggue River, Oregon, between Scottsburg and its mouth; Coquille River. Coquille River, Oregon; B Alsea River and Alsea River and Bay, Oregon ; BY. Waterlines from That the sum of twenty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, out £{°'f°g$ *° C “P° of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise provided for, for the pur- °” W"' pose of having a complete survey and examination of all the water lines and routes leading or that may lead from the Harbor of Norfolk to the Atlantic Ocean south of Hatteras, including any communication that mm mm to be may be practicable with the Cape Fear River; and the said examinavwvvyed tion and survey shall embrace the line known as the Dismal Swamp line and the line known as the Albermarle and Chesapeake Canal line, and all other routes and lines that may be practicable in the waters of Eastern North Carolina connecting Norfolk Harbor by inland navigation with the ocean south of Cape Hatteras. E¤¤·¤¤i¤¤*_i°P¤» Sec. 3. That for the examinations and surveys herein provided for, °*°··“PP'°P"‘“‘°“· and for incidental repairs of harbors for which there is no special appro,