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188 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 329. 1878. Additional we- additional special agents in the customs service at a. compensation of '°”*** “9”"'°· not exceeding six dollars per day, in the discretion of the Secretary, and actual traveling expenses when actually employed in the duties of such agency. T e in p o r a r y Tnnnsnnv MISCELLANEOUS.—FOY temporary clerks for the Treasury <=1¤fk¤·_ Department, twentydive thousand dollars: Provided, That no part of P""`""· this sum shall be paid to any officer or employee of the government as additional compensation. Contingencies. For contingent expenses of the Treasury Department, namely: For stationery for the Treasury Department and its several bureaus, forty thousand dollars. For arranging and binding canceled marine- papers, requisitions, and other important records; sealing ships’ registers; for foreign postage, newspapers, books, hand-stamps, and repairs of the same, ten thousand dollars; and of this amount not more than five hundred dollars may be used in the purchase of current publications. d For investigations of accounts and records, two thousand five hundred ollars. For freight, expressage, telegrams, and car-tickets, four thousand dollars. For postage, one thousand five hundred dollars. For rent of buildings, seven thousand eight hundred dollars. For care and subsistence of horses for office and mail-wagons, including feeding and shoeing, and for wagons, harness, and repairs of the same, six thousand dollars. For ice, buckets, tile-holders, book-rests, labor, clocks, and repairs of the same, seven thousand five hundred dollars. For coal, wood, grates, gratebaskets and tixtures, stoves and fixtures, blowers, coal·hods, heart-hs, shovels, tongs, pokers, matches, and matchsafes, nine thousand dollars. For gas, drop-lights and tubing, gas-burners, brackets and globes, candles, lanterns, and wicks, twelve thousand five hundred dollars. For carpets, oil-cloth, and matting, and repairs, cleaning, and laying of the same, thirteen thousand dollars. For desks, tables, and chairs, and shelving for dle-rooms, and cases, repairs of furniture, boxes, rugs, chair-covers and caning, cushions, cloth for covering desks, locks, screws, handsaws, tnrpentine, and varnish, twenty-tive thousand dollars. For washing towels, brooms, brushes, crash, cotton, cloth, cane, chamois-skins, dusters, Hour, keys, lye, matches, nails, oil, powders, sponge, soap, tacks, wall-paper, and the other miscellaneous expenses required for the current and ordinary business of the department, and for repairs of machinery, baskets, spittoons, tiles, water coolers, tumblers, ice-picks, bowls and pitchers, traps, thermometers, ventilators, towels, awnings and fixtures, alcohol, window-shades and fixtures, wirescreens, hemming towels, axes, bellows, chisels, canvas, caudlesticks, door and window fasteners, bells and bell-pulls, hammers, mallets, leather, gum, and other belting, stencil-plates, tools, whetstones, wire, gud zinc, and other absolutely necessary expenses, twenty thousand 0 ars. INDEPENDENT TREASURY. New York. Omron on THE ASSISTANT Tnnasuxmn AT N nw Yom;.-For assistaut treasurer, eight thousand dollars; for deputy assistant treasurer, three thousand six hundred dollars; cashier and chief clerk, four thousand dollars; chief of coin division, three thousand six hundred dollars; chief of note-paying division, three thousand dollars; chief of notereceiviug division, two thousand eight hundred dollars; chief of check division, two thousand eight hundred dollars; chief of registered-interest division, two thousand six hundred dollars; chief of coupon-interest division, two thousand four hundred dollars; chief of bond division, two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars; chief of canceled-check and