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274 Fonrrvirirrn coxennss. snss. III. on. 28, ao. 1879. information as they may be able to obtain as to how, where, and through what channels a market may be opened for American products and Wages. manufactures. In addition to the duties now imposed by law, it shall be the duty of consuls and commercial agents of the United States, annually, to procure and transmit to the Department of State, as far as practicable, information respecting the rate of wages paid for skilled and unskilled labor within their respectivejurisdictions. Spanish clanns For salaries and expenses of the United States and Spanish Claims U°“'““SS‘°“· Commission, namely: For commissioner, three thousand dollars; for counsel, three thousand dollars; for secretary, nine hundred dollars; tor messenger, three hundred dollars; for contingent expenses, seven hundred and fifty dollars; making in all the sum of seven thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars. Pri¤¢>¤¤- For rent of prisons for American convicts in Siam and Turkey, and for wages of keepers of the same, including loss by exchange, two thousand dollars. For rent of prison for American convicts in China, one thousand tive hundred dollars; for wages of keepers, care of offenders, and expenses, nine thousand five hundred dollars. For rent of prison for American convicts in Japan, seven hundred and fifty dollars. _ d For wages of keepers, care of offenders, and expenses, five thousand ollars. For rent of court-house and jail, with grounds appurtenant, at Yeddo, or such other place as shall be designated, three thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. Buildin s for 1e- For rent of buildings for legation and other p1u·poses at Peking, or gv·ti0¤i¤%hi¤¤- sinch other place as shall be designated, three thousand one hundred ollars. Exgmmmu, For bringing home from foreign countries persons charged with crimes, and expenses incidental thereto, including loss by exchange, five thousand dollars. Relief and pro- For relief and protection of American seamen in foreign countries, f¤<>fi<>¤ vf S<*¤m6¤- fifty thousand dollars. Rescuing ship- For expenses of acknowledging the services of masters and crews of wrecked Ameri- foreign vessels in rescuing American citizens from shipwreck, tour °”"- thousand five hundred dollars. Cape Spartol For annual proportion of the expenses of Cape Spartel light, on the light. coast of Morocco, two hundred and eighty-tive dollars. \Vid0ws and For allowance to widows or heirs of deceased diplomatic and consular heirs of di1>l<¤¤¤·fi<= officers for the time that wo11ld be necessarily occupied in making the 2;*;; °°“““1“ °m‘ transit from the post of duty of the deceased to his residence in the $,,,,,,,,8 ,,,,.0,,, ,0 United States, ive thousand dollars. And the salaries provided in this be in full. act for the officers within named respectively shall be in full for the annual salaries thereof from and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine; and all laws and parts of lawsin conflict with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed. Consular Regu- For expenses of revising and editing the Consular Regulations, three 1“*‘°”°· thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be available immediately. Neutrality act. To meet the necessary expenses attendant upon the execution of the R. S. 291. neutrality act, to be expended under the direction of the President, · pursuant to the requirement of section two hundred and ninety-one of the Revised Statutes, five thousand dollars. Approved, January 27, 1879. Jan. 28, 1879. CHAP. 30.-An act defining the manner in which certain land-scrip may be assigned """"""*_ and located or applied by actual settlers, and providing for the issue of patents in the name of the locator or his legal representatives Private land- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United claims- States of America in Congress assembled, That whenever, in cases prose-