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FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. GH. 68. 1879. 29] sand five hundred dollars; two lieutenant-colonels, eight thousand dollars; one adjutant and inspector, one quartermaster, and one pay- master, two at three thousand five hundred dollars and one at three thousand dollars per annum, ten thousand dollars; four majors, fourteen thousand dollars; two assistant quartermasters, one at two thousand eight hiuidred dollars and one at two thousand six hundred dollars per annum, five thousand four hundred dollars; twenty captains, one at two thousand five hundred and twenty dollars and nineteen at two thousand three hundred and forty dollars per annum, forty-six thousand nine hundred and eighty dollars; thirty first-lieutenants, fifteen at one thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars, thirteen at one thousand eight hundred dollars, and two at one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars per anniun, fifty-five thousand nine hundred and fifty dollars; twenty secondheutenants, eleven at one thousand five hundred and forty dollars and nine at one thousand fom- hundred dollars per annum, twenty-nine thousand five hundred and forty dollars; one brigadiergeneral (retired list), four thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars; one lieutenant-colonel (retired list), three thousand dollars; four majors (retired list), three at two thousand six hundred and twenty-five dollars and one at two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars per annum, ten thousand one hundred and twenty-tive dollars; one assistant quartermaster (retired list), two thousand one hundred dollars; three captains (retired list), one at one thousand six lumdred and twenty dollars, one at one thousand four hundred and eighty-five dollars, and one at one thousand three hundred and fifty dollars per annum, tour thousand fom- hundred and fifty-five dollars; two first-lieutenants (retired list), two thousand seven hundred dollars; three second-lieutenants (retired list), one at one thousand one hundred and fifty-five dollars and two at one thousand and fifty dollars per annum, three thousand two hundred and fifty-five dollars; one leader of the band, one thousand and eighty dollars; one sergeant-major, one quartermaster-sergeant, and one (bum-major, one thousand and eighty dollars; fifty first-sergeants, sixteen thousand two hundred dollars; one hundred and forty sergeants, ninety at seventeen dollars and fifty at twenty-two dollars per month, thirty-one thousand five hundred and sixty dollars; one hundred and eighty corporals, one hundred and thirty at fifteen dollars and fifty at twenty dollars per month, thirty-five thousand four hundred dollars; thirty musicians, seven at forty dollars, eight at twenty-six dollars, and fifteen at twenty-three dollars per month, nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-six dollars; ninety-six drummers and fifers, seventeen thousand seven hundred and thirty-six dollars; one thousand five hundred privates, six hundred at thirteen dollars, five hundred at sixteen dollars, four hundred at eighteen dollars per month, two hundred and seventy-six thousand dollars; ten clerks and two messengers, fifteen thousand seven hundred and fifteen dollars; payments to discharged soldiers for clothing undrawn, twenty thousand dollars; transportation of officers traveling without troops, five thousand dollars; commutation of quarters for officers where there are no public buildings, ten thousand dollars; in all, six hundred and forty-eight thousand three hundred and ninety-seven dollars. For provisions, seven ty-five thousand and seven dollars and fifty cents. Provisions. For clothing, sixty thousand dollars. Clothing. For fuel, twenty thousand dollars. Fuel. For military stores, namely: For pay of one chief armorer, nine hun- Stores. dred and thirty-nine dollars; three mechanics, at two dollars and nfty cents per day each; repairs of arms, purchase of accouterments, ordnance stores, flags, drums, fifes, and other instruments, five thousand dollars; for purchase of new instruments for the band, one thousand four hundred dollars; in all, nine thousand six hundred and eighty-six dollars and fifty cents. For transportation of troops and for expenses of recruiting, seven T¤>·¤¤1>Qr$=¤*i¢>¤ thousand dollars. me ‘°°““*‘“g·