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292 ronrrrrrrrn oonennss. sees. 111. ou. es, s1, s2. ism. Barracks- For repairs of barracks, and rent of offices where there are no public buildings, thirteen thousand dollars. Forage. For forage for three public horses, one for messenger to commandant and stat}', \Vashington, District of Columbia, and two for general use at marine barracks, Mare Island, California, five hundred dollars. _ Contingent. For contingencies, namely: Freight; ferriage; toll; cartage; per diem for constant labor; whariage; purchase and repair of boats; labor; burial of deceased marines ; stationery; telegraphing; apprehension of deserters; oil, candles, gas; repairs of gas and water fixtures; water rent; barrack furniture; furniture for oiIicers’ quarters; bedsacks; wrapping-paper; oil-cloth; crash; rope; twine; spades; shovels; ares; picks; carpenters’ tools; repairs to Hreengines; purchase and repair of engine-hose; purchase of lumber for benches, mess-tables, hunks; purchase and repair of harness; purchase and repair of handcarts and wl1eel— barrows; scavengering; purchase and repair of galleys, cooking-stoves, ranges, stoves where there are no grates; gravel for parade-grounds; repair of pumps ; brushes; brooms ; buckets; paving; and for other purposes, twenty thousand dollars. Approved, February 14, 1879. Feb. 15, 1879. CHAP. 81.-An act to relieve certain legal disabilities of women. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Supreme Court. States of America in Congress assembled, That any wom an who shall have Womeuadmitted been a member of the bar of the highest court of any State or Territc practicc- tory or of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia for the space of three years, and shall have maintained a good standing before such court, and who shall be a person of good moral character, shall, on motion, and the product-ion of such record, be admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States. Approved, February 15, 1879. F8b_ 15, 1g7g_ CHAP. 82.-An act to provide for holding term of the circuit and district courts in -;-—-—— the district of Colorado. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Colorado, States of America in Congress assembled, That the circuit and district courts of the district of Colorado may, when the public interests require Special terms of it, order a special term, to be held at such time and place as said courts ccurts-_ may designate: Provided, That no special term of the circuit 001111) shall P'°""’°· be held except with the consent of the circuit judge of the circuit that J uries. the circuit or district court may order a grand or petit jury, or both, to attend such special term, by an order entered of record at least thirty Notice. days before the day on which such special term shall convene. Notice of such special term shall be published weekly for four consecutive District coum, weeks in a newspaper published at the capital of the State. And when a circuit and district court shall be held at the same time and place, the same panel of jurors shall serve in both cour·ts. Divisions. Sec. 2. That for the trial and determination of all causes and proceedings cognizable and triable in the district court of t-he United States for the district of Colorado, as established by the act entitled “An act to further the administration of justice in the State of Colorado ", approved June twenty-six, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, the said district shall Southern divie- be separated into three divisions, as follows: All that part of said disicn- trict lying within the following-named counties as now constituted, to wit; the counties of Bent, Las Animas, Pueblo, Huerfano, Fremont, and Custer shall constitute the southern division and a regular term of said Term at Pueblo. court for said division shall be held annually at Pueblo, to commence on VVestern divis- the iirst Tuesday in February; all that part of said district lying within ion. the following-named counties, to wit; the counties of Costilla, Conejos,