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PUBLIC ACTS CF THE FORTY-FIFTH CCN GRESS or me UNITED STATES, Passed at the second session, which was begun and held at the city of Washington, in the District of Columbia, on Monday, the second day of December, 1877, and was adjourned without day on Thursday, the twentieth day of June, 1878. Rurnnunoun B. HAYES, President. WILLIAM A. WHEELER, Vice-President and President of the Senate. '1‘HoMAs W. FERRY was chosen President of the Senate pro tempore on the twenty-sixth of February, 1878. He was elected to the same position on the seventeenth of April, 1878, and continued to act a such until the end of the session. SAMUEL J. RANDALL, Speaker of the House of Representatives. EIILTON SAYLER was chosen Speaker pro tempore on the eighteenth of May, and acted as such from the twentieth until the twenty-fourth of May, 1878. CHAP. 1.·-An act to provide a method for the settlement and adjustment of the Dec. 14, 1877. accounts of the Attorney of the United States for the District of Columbia. ————————- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the emolument returns of Settiementofaethe Attorney of the United States for the District of Columbia shall be ::“”*° *g.lg·,S%A°} returned to the Attorney-General, and the accounts of the said Attor- C0?:;f,`{,,nf° "° ° ney shall be rendered, audited, and paid in the same manner as accounts of all other district attorneys are rendered, audited, and paid. Approved, December 14, 1877. CHAP. 3.-An act to provide for deficiencies in the appropriations for the service ])8c_ 15,137; of the government for the fiscal year ending! June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ———--—-——— seventy-eight, and for prior years, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and Deficiency spthe same are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury P'°P¤`**m°¤¤· not otherwise appropriated, except as diiferently specified, for the objects hereinafter expressed, namely: COURT OF CLAIMS PAYMENT OF JUDGMENTS, COURT OF CLAIMs.—For the payment of JudgmeutsCourt judgments rendered by the Court of Claims, to wit: To Stephen Pow- of Cl¤"¤¤· ers, one thousand dollars; Marshall 0. Roberts and E. N. Dickerson, surviving trustees of Albert G. Sloo, six hundred and thirty~three thousand and seventy-eight dollars and forty-eight cents; George W. Jackman, junior, three hundred and thirteen dollars and eighteen cents; Edward Braden, ten thousand six hundred and fifty-three dollars and seventy-seven cents; Horner and Benedict, two hundred and forty dollars; John Devlin, ten thousand dollars; John W. Monk, four hundred and eighty-tive dollars; F. Phisterer, two hundred and thirty dollars and fifty cents ; Thomas B. Briggs, two hundred and thirty-one dollars and sixty cents; Warren R. Dunton, one hundred and fifty-four dollars - and fifty cents; H. S. Maloney, sixty-one dollars and fifty cents; John S Bishop, one hundred and eighty-tive dollars and seventy cents; Jom