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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IL Ch. 3. 1877. 9 of the United States Fish Commission, five thousand dollars, to be available immediately. FREIGHT ON BULLIoN, MINT OF THE UNITED STATES AT PHILADEL- Freight on bul— rmA.—TFor transportation of bullion and coin between the United States lienmint at Philadelphia and the United States assay-oi’dce at New York, being a deficiency for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy- eight. ten thousand dollars. MINT on THE UNITED STATES AT DENVER, COLORADO.—]`OI‘ fuel, Denver mint. lights, acids, chemicals, crucibles, and other incidental expenses, being a deiiciency for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, eight hundred dollars. AssAY·OnmcE AT HELENA, MON1‘ANA TERRITORY.—FOP fuel, lights, Helena assay· freight, crucibles, balances, weights, and other incidental expenses, be- °m°°· ing a deiiciency for the iiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, one thousand dollars. For salaries of commissioners, not in government employ, appointed Salaries, etc., or by the Secretary of the Treasury to examine the condition and compo- °°¤"¤l¤¤*Q¤ °¤ ¤¤¤· tence of the torce employed in the collection of the revenue from cus- t°'“°`“"‘°°‘ tom at New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New Orleans, with a view of reducing the number of the same, and for salaries of experts at Boston and Baltimore to investigate the subject of the proper drawback on exported sugars, under section three thousand and nineteen of the Revised Statutes, ten thousand dollars; and for the incidental expenses of the San Francisco commission, three thousand five hundred and fifty-nine dollars and fifty cents; in all, thirteen thousand five hun- I dred and fifty-nine dollars and fifty cents. CONTINGENT EXPENSES, TREASURY DEPARTMENT.-For ice, buckets, Contingent sxiile-holders, book-rests, labor clocks, and repairs of the same, two thou- P°”“°°· sand dollars. For carpets, oil-cloths, matting, repairs, cleaning and laying of the Carpets, etc. same, four thousand dollars. For desks, tables, and chairs, and metal shelving for tile-rooms, and pummm,,,;,,,_ cases; repairs of furniture; boxes, rugs, chair covers and caning, cushions, cloth for covering desks, locks, screws, hand-saws, turpentine, and varnish, twelve thousand dollars. For washing towels, brooms, brushes, crash, cotton-cloth, cane, chamois- Miscel 1 an so u s skins, dusters, iiour, kegs, lye, matches, nails, oil, powders, sponge, soap, °¥P°¤¤°¤· tacks, wall-paper, and the other miscellaneous expenses required for the current and ordinary business of the department; and for repairs of machinery, and for baskets, spittoons, tiles, watencoolers, tumbler , icepicks, bowls and pitchers, traps, thermometers, ventilators, towels, awnings and fixtures, alcohol, windowshades and iixtures, wire-screens, hemming towels, axes, bellows, chisels, canvas, candlesticks, door and window fasteners, bells and bell-pulls, hammers, mallets, leather, gum and other beltiiig, stencil-plates, tools, whetstones, wire, and zinc, and other absolutely necessary expenses, being deficiencies for the iiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, five thousand dollars. POSTOFFICE DEPARTMENT. For compensation to postmasters, being a deficiency in payment of compensation of salaries during the fiscal years ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred I>¤¤l¤¤w·¤¤¤¤‘¤· and seventy-six, and June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, the sum of six hundred and eighty-one thousand six hundred and eighty- one dollars and twenty-seven cents. For the payment of railway post-office clerks, route-agents, mail-route Railway post·ofmessengers, and local agents, being a dedciency for the Iiscal year £°° °l°*k¤·°*°- eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, ten thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For inland mail-transportation, namely: For transportation on star Transportation. routes and by steamboats, and all other than railroad routes, being a deficiency for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, tive hundred thousand dollars.